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Spotify Playlist songs updated - can we find the old ones?

Spotify Playlist songs updated - can we find the old ones?




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Hi, Hoping someone might be able to help us! Our autistic son was listening to the Spotify Acoustic Rock playlist repeatedly last year however, the playlist has been updated by Spotify and some of the songs are now different which is causing a few issues. We saved/downloaded the playlist but didn't add the songs to our library and don't seem to be able to get all the original songs back and don't have a list. We were hoping/relying that the songs would be in our Top for 2020 but there were only a few that were played on repeat! We're really stuck and hoping that someone might be able to help or that Spotify will have the tracklist from before it was updated in November so we can put together a replacement playlist which would make both him and us very happy (and relieved)! Any help really appreciated x


N.B. I just wanted to say the new updated playlist is great but unfortunately just not the 'same'!

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Hello @IamKloot,


Welcome to the Community!


Unfortunately there is no way get a copy of a previous version of one of the curated playlist. 


What you can do is repost your request in the Music Chat section of the Community! It would also be helpful to leave a link to the playlist. There are some users who copy the track lists of those playlists and save them to their own playlists or to external files using software that can be found online. The chance to reach them there is greater. 


If you know the names of the songs or their artists you can create your own playlist. 


You can also use the Desktop app to select all the songs in the current track list of the Acoustic Rock playlist and add them to your own. This way the songs will remain in order there even if the curated playlist gets updated.


Hope you find this info useful. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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