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Spotify keeps switching from grid to list view

Spotify keeps switching from grid to list view







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Windows 10


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Currently having a really annoying issue with a new update. Since I've always hated having to scroll through every song of every album to get to the specific one I want, I always use grid view to click on the album I want. The issue now is that whenever I click on an album, maybe to move a song to a playlist, and then go back to view the albums again, it's back to list view. So I have to switch to grid every time I enter an artist page. Why can't it just remember my settings?

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Spotify Legend

Hi everyone,


We have some more updates and info to share with you.


To start off, we’d like to confirm we heard you loud and clear when you say that having an artist’s whole discography displayed in list view while only trying to access one of their albums, even if that happens from the discography section, is not what you're expecting.


On these grounds, we reached out to the relevant teams and passed your feedback on. Since doing so, we have been in extensive conversations to make sure the situation is acknowledged and reevaluated.


For the time being, we wish to reiterate how you can view a single album while in list view:


When the full discography (including the selected album) opens, click on the album title. This will open only the album you mean to focus on, without the rest of the discography.


Once we have any further updates, we'll make sure to post again and let you know.


Take care!

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Hi everyone - we have been sharing this feedback internally and the team will be looking to make a change soon. Thanks for all your comments, watch this space. 

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I'm experiencing this issue too, running the latest desktop version on Windows 7. Really hope this gets fixed soon.

I am experiencing the same behavior. Very frustrating.

Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H2, OS build 19044.1586
Spotify for Windows,

I just tried the website version mentioned by 100WattWalrus (Firefox and Edge both in private mode without logging in to Spofify) and found:

  1. the bug is not present, the Albums grid view setting is correctly remembered;
  2. the website uses the 1.1.80-style Albums UI not the 1.1.81-style Discography UI.

Reading the reproduction steps in 100WattWalrus's post, the website was using the Discography UI when he encountered the bug there.  It would seem the Spotify website situation thus mirrors my experience with the Windows desktop programme: Album UI works correctly, Discography UI has the bug.

It is an MacbookPro 2020 running Monterey 12.3. And it occurs with the latest client version 1.81. It is also the same on my ASUS ROG Strix G713 running Windows 11. It is client-side bug, I rolled back to the previous version and everything works fine there.

Wow thought i was going crazy, have this issue too ! driving me insane, it also keeps going back to popular view, when i just want album view ! 

> (Aside, this change is irritating enough on its own as it means an extra interaction to select Albums on the artist page every... single... time...)

THIS. THIS. THIS! The redesign is full of extra clicks.

Haven't had the time to try different accounts (on my computer or on Spotify), but will reply when I've been able to test on other devices.

Windows 10.0.19043 User here, same issue. Absolute latest version dowloaded (and clean re-installed) from the spotify webpage. Link of a drive video with what's going on for me just below


As previously said in this topic, new update with albums, EPs and singles filters in artist's discographies seem to create a conflict with the sorting, thus preventing the parameter to remain what the user set it to be (which would be grid in this case). Sorting always comes back to list sorting, which is a pain to navigate with.


Appears to have come with the latest update, hopefully this gets fixed, all my friends are having the same issue.

Clean install and other account make no difference. Device is 2017 iMac running Monterey 12.3 Spotify version

Spotify for Windows

Downloaded from the Spotify page

@Alex The problem seems to have self-corrected for me in the web app as of 2022-03-31.

Hope that's the case for everyone else too.

I would like to add, however, that the UI changes mean more clicks to get to the same things. That's never good UX.

Issue on the web player also seems to have been resolved here. Problem still occurrs on the desktop app though, which is the one that I'm the most concerned about.

Hey folks. 


Thank you for keeping us in the loop and for the info shared.


Just to make sure, could you try using the Web Player to see if it makes any difference? Also, @Floschi12345 would you mind confirming if you tried with a different account and if it works?. This is to verify if the issue could be account-related. 


We'll be waiting for your response to keep investigating. 

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The web player doesn't have the issue. It remembers the choice I make between album list and cover view. 

Same here. Mac Os 10.13.6 / Mac mini (mid 2011).


Spotify macOS (Intel)

yes, quite frustrating. is there any further updates on this issue and when it may be fixed? have tried two accounts on my mac 2020 and both the same. 

Same problem here. Running on a mac "16 from 2019 with Monterey. Tried reinstall, same issue. Please fix this.

Can confirm that the web player does not have this issue.

Windows 11 user here

Spotify for Windows (Desktop App)
Downloaded from the Windows Store

*Worth noting that I'm running the same app version on a separate Win 11 desktop using my second profile via the Premium Duo subscription, and this problem does not persist on that device.

Hey folks,


Thank you for the information you've provided.


We've reported this to the right folks at Spotify, however our team wasn't able to reproduce this reliably.  Most likely  the app can't write the data necessary to save the view in the cache files.


The is being looked into, however we don't have any official info on when or if it will be fixed.


We'd recommend keeping your app up to date, as this might be handled in a future relase.


Take care.

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