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Spotify keeps switching from grid to list view

Spotify keeps switching from grid to list view







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Windows 10


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Currently having a really annoying issue with a new update. Since I've always hated having to scroll through every song of every album to get to the specific one I want, I always use grid view to click on the album I want. The issue now is that whenever I click on an album, maybe to move a song to a playlist, and then go back to view the albums again, it's back to list view. So I have to switch to grid every time I enter an artist page. Why can't it just remember my settings?

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Hi everyone,


We have some more updates and info to share with you.


To start off, we’d like to confirm we heard you loud and clear when you say that having an artist’s whole discography displayed in list view while only trying to access one of their albums, even if that happens from the discography section, is not what you're expecting.


On these grounds, we reached out to the relevant teams and passed your feedback on. Since doing so, we have been in extensive conversations to make sure the situation is acknowledged and reevaluated.


For the time being, we wish to reiterate how you can view a single album while in list view:


When the full discography (including the selected album) opens, click on the album title. This will open only the album you mean to focus on, without the rest of the discography.


Once we have any further updates, we'll make sure to post again and let you know.


Take care!

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Hi everyone - we have been sharing this feedback internally and the team will be looking to make a change soon. Thanks for all your comments, watch this space. 

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I'll check back to see when the new version is available for download then because my clean reinstall just now still seems to be 1.1.81

The issue still persists even in new update. It defaults back to list view.

Can you confirm your device, OS and version of Spotify please - and where the issue is occurring.

Mac version 12.3.1

Spotify version

It is the same issuee everyone has stated.

You click an album, single, ep, it defaults to list view EVERY single  time. Even when you click grid view... it never sticks when you click something... you always have to manually click it and then it  will default back to list view.

So the new version is still not available for Windows? Just once again reinstalled Spotify but I still get version from Spotify's own site. It's been almost a week since this update was supposed to come out.

Can I just check we are both talking about the same thing.

When you click to get a list of Albums or Singles and EPs, you can set that view to Grid view. This Grid view will persist, as you go back and forth looking at different albums or singles or EPs.

When you click an album or single or EP, you will be presented the contents of that in List view. This is expected behaviour as you want to see what's in there, not to have to click to expand the contents.

So can you confirm that you are talking about this, or some different scenario please.



This is the issue, which I (and many others) have been affected by for over a month now:


1) Go to an artist page

2) Click on an album

3) The artist's entire discography opens in list view 

4) Change to grid view

5) Go back to artist page and click on an album

6) The entire discography open in list view - grid view does NOT persist


I've never been closer to resigning from my decade+ long subscription than I am right now. 

Issue is indeed as Viraemia described, when browsing an artist's albums I have to manually select grid view every time, it always defaults back to list view. I just checked the web version and it seems as though the issue has been fixed there. I hope the same fix will be applied to the desktop version soon as I'm also very close to giving another service a try. Every other update is a step down. Maybe it's time to stop overdesigning a music player.

Circling back on this now that I've got the latest update (MacOS v1.1.83.956.gbe7ea9a7)


With the latest update, the issue seems to be partially fixed. In the Discography section, if I click 'See All' and browse from there, the grid view preference does stick as expected, just how it worked before this issue.


However, if I click on an album/single/etc. directly from the artist page under the Discography section (whether Popular Releases, Albums, or Singles/EPs), it will take me directly to that release but in List View mode with all other releases included on the page - as opposed to the way it used to work where clicking a release from this area would take me ONLY to that release. In other words, if I click into a release direct from artist discography page (i.e. without clicking See All first) and begin playing that release, since it opens to list view and plays from there, once the last song from that release is finished it will continue playing into the 'next' release.


Thank you to the Spotify team for giving attention to this issue, reading between the lines I can tell this has been a tough one to debug - I've been on that side of things before and know all too well that sometimes tracking down these things can be much more difficult and complicated than many people realize. I appreciate the grid view sticking as long as I click into the See All section first - this is a big improvement and a lot closer to the way it used to behave. 

I'm running the latest update (Spotify for Windows on Windows 7, and it's pretty much exactly as you described: partially fixed. I usually go to the discography section so I didn't notice this right away.

Hey all,


Thanks for your input.


We can confirm, that clicking on an album or a single from the artist page will present that content in list view, which makes it easier to see what's in that specific item you click on.


But the overall Discography view you selected, when choosing to look at the discography as a whole, should now be remembered.


Hope this clears things out,



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Chiming in to say my computer still won't stay in list view. 

Wondering how this issue could have been fixed without the app having any auto update. My spotify app on windows desktop is still 1.1.81 and hasn't received any update since the last one that broke this.

Issue has obviously not been fixed and the sorting still isn't being remembered for me.

Hey @,CroutePaté,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.  


If you go to any Artist profile and click on any Album, it's expected for the app to automatically show the List view regardless of the previous choice. 


Keep in mind that if you head to the artist profile, and click on "See all" on the Discography section (instead), then it should remember the previous choice (grid/list view).


Remember the Community is here in case you need anything else. 

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Edit: screw it, I'm done repeating the issue. I'll give it until my next billing to see if it's fixed or if Windows 10 gets the elusive .83 update 

Did you even bother watching the videos that other users as well as myself have posted on the first pages of this topic ?

As sormaniac pointed it out for the fifth time, the discography does not stay in grid view even after selecting the parameter. Albums are obviously in list view, why would they be in grid view ? Sormaniac also pointed this out.

According to you it "should" remember the grid view, but for many of us, it actually doesn't , which is why this thread even exists.

Really sorry for sounding utterly annoyed but this reply is quite ridiculous as we've explained the issue about ten times already.

Only partially fixed on macOS Spotify version 


Clicking "See all" on the Discography remembers the grid view. 

Clicking on an album links to a page with the albums in list view - regardless of user choice.


I don't understand this reasoning to be fair:


If you go to any Artist profile and click on any Album, it's expected for the app to automatically show the List view regardless of the previous choice. 


I click on an album. Show me the album?

Hi again everyone,


since we're still seeing confusion on the matter of how the app should behave, we'd like to post once more in an effort to clear things up.


Scrolling down past the top songs on an artist's profile you'll get to their Discography section. There by default you should see their most popular releases.





You have the option to view the full Discography of an Artist by clicking on "See All" to the right.


The full discography page will load, showing all releases (Albums, Singles, Compilations, etc.) in either List or Grid view. You can switch this view to the one you personally prefer by using the toggles at the top right corner and as of version 1.1.83 of the desktop app, this view of the discography page will be remembered. So any time you click on See All it will load up in your preferred format.




Now, if you click on an album listed directly on the artist's profile page, you will open that specific album in list view among the discography of albums. The reasoning here is that if someone wishes to view an album, they want to see the album's tracks and start playback, so the list view is toggled by default for you to be able to do these things. Remember that you're clicking on that album from the Discography section of the artist's profile, so you are navigated to it, instead of away from it. Using the "Menagerie" album as an example from Bill Wither's artist profile, you'd be redirected to its track listing within the discography, where you can like it to add it to your library or start playback immediately from either the beginning or a chosen track.




If you wish to view just that one album, you can click on the album name to load up the album view. This works the same as when opening the whole discography in grid view and then clicking on the album to display it. So the steps are always:

  1. Open Artist Profile
  2. Navigate to discography (either full or specific part of it)
  3. Click on album to view just the album




We hope this helps so you can better understand how the app navigation works. To sum up: Clicking on See All will display discography in the preferred format. Clicking on a specific album from the artist profile will open that album's tracks within the discography. Clicking on an album while within the discography will open just the album page.



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Thank you for your patient reply. Issue seems to have been fixed for me !

The fact that so many users thought this was a bug tells you that this is not a pleasant user experience.  Please change it back to how it used to be.


If I select an album, I want to see that album by itself.  If I'd wanted to see the other albums, I would have chosen See All.

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