Spotify randomly unliking songs??


Spotify randomly unliking songs??





I have noticed before that some songs which I was sure I had liked (little green heart) before have somehow got unliked by spotify. This only happened a few times before so I brushed it off as a minor bug, however today, as I was going through a lot of playlists and artists I noticed VAST amounts of songs which I 100%, without a doubt had liked before, were now unliked (blank heart).


I'm not sure what caused this or if this is a bug, but it would be nice to fix this as I had to manually go back and try to find all the songs that may have gotten unliked by spotify. 





Hi folks,


Thanks for your replies and the info you've shared.


Songs can be removed and replaced on Spotify depending on the songs' right holders/specific distribution agreements with Spotify and when re-uploaded to the platform they'll be a different song compared to the removed/replaced version if the related metadata were edited (which is most likely the case if a song gets replaced with a different/newer/updated version) despite the title staying the same. This could be one of the reasons some of your songs are disappearing from your Liked Songs.


Another reason might be broken cache between multiple devices. This can occur on very large collections with more than a thousand songs in them. Especially if you're using your account across platforms. Best way around this is to occasionally clear the app cache on all your devices. Another thing worth trying is to split your Liked songs into playlists, this will also increase the app's performance when loading on some devices.


Also, for anybody having this issue only on mobile - you can check out this Ongoing Issue thread. Add your +Vote and subscribe to stay tuned with any updates on the matter.


Hope you find this info helpful.

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Hi Jeremy,


I've tried restart, clean install, cache clearing, changing passwords on all my devices (Mac + iPhone). Just this morning I noticed another full album was not liked and all the individual songs (Neon Indian's Psychic Chasms) so it does not seem to be resolved.


The greyed out unavailable song feature seems to be working on my laptop but not on iOS (where is that setting?).  


Not sure how many songs are liked on my laptop - can't find the number of tracks listed in the liked songs playlist. When I select all to transfer to a playlist it only selects the top 100 songs (probably related to another issue which is in a different thread about only shuffling the most recently liked 100 songs instead of all the (7,452) songs in "liked").


Seems I have exhausted my troubleshooting options. What next?

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Hey again @-58m6_aitmx74,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


This can happen because of what @Novy mentioned above.


On another note, it's not possible to see the number of songs within your Liked Songs playlist on the desktop app as on mobile. When selecting multiple songs, you can use Ctrl/Cmd + A and it will stack up 100 songs at a time. You can also click on one song, then scroll down and use the key Shift + click on another song to select all the songs in between the ones you selected.


Lastly, you can find the option Show unplayable songs in the mobile app in Settings > Playback.


We hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, give us a shout.



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It didn't. Still finding previously liked songs unliked.


Tonights wonderful example: skate depot by Channel Tres. 


I'll keep posting until this is fixed.


I have been noticing the same thing for the past few months.
And it's definitely not old age setting in or FFS (fat finger syndrome).
Is this an unknown problem for spotify?


I've been having this issue for a few months now. I have 4,000+ liked songs (I've been using Spotify for at least 6 years lol) so I don't always notice. But its been unliking songs by my favorite band at least once a week. I know for a fact that there aren't copies of the songs on Spotify or saved on my laptop or phone, so that isn't my issue.


See I thought I was accidently unliking songs with my hand when using my phone. However for the last few days I've had my phone switched off to get on with some other work, I've only been using Spotify on my laptop.

I noticed it's unliked some songs I only recently liked in the last few days - I'm definitely not unliking them by accident on my laptop!


It's real, you're not imagining it.

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I've also started to notice this weird phenomenon few weeks ago. such an annoying bug


Iv had exactly the same thing , even with songs that i listen to regularly. I have around 700 liked songs so it take me a bit of time to realise that they have gotten unliked until i play a rewind playlist or an older playlist. Its so annoying that I have to keep checking through all these songs to make sure that spotify hasn't unliked them. Why the **bleep** is this happening?


Maybe you have the age old issue where you like one version of the song but there’s another version (basically identical) in a playlist. To be sure that a song has been removed from your liked songs try searching them in your Liked Songs playlist.