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Watch and Listen: Introducing music videos on Spotify

Watch and Listen: Introducing music videos on Spotify

Spotify knows that the listening experience is a way to connect artists with fans on many levels. But what if we could enhance these connections with a different perspective? 

With this in mind, Spotify is introducing a new and powerful way to listen to your favorite songs: Music Videos.

This exciting new feature is arriving in beta for Premium users across 11 countries at first. At this point, Music Videos is with a limited catalog, but it includes hits from local artists and global ones like Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande.




How to watch music videos on Spotify:

  • Music Videos is being rolled out in beta for Premium users in some specific countries. This includes Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
  • Music Videos is available for Premium users on iOS, Android, desktop, and TV devices. 
  • You can access it through the Now Playing View, when listening to supported music tracks. You just need to tap the “Switch to Video” toggle and the music video will start playing from the beginning. To head back to audio-only mode, tap on “Switch to Audio”.
  • You can watch the videos in either portrait or landscape modes, and it is also available for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode.


Considering it's in Beta, Spotify will continue to improve the new feature based on feedback both from users and artists.


I hope you are so excited as I am for this new way to enhance the connection with your favorite artists. For any feedback on the matter you may have, you are more than welcome to share it with us below on this thread.

Last, but not least, the official announcement from the Spotify Newsroom is here if you want to take a look at it.

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43 Replies

No, the main point of Spotify is music, and music videos are included with that. Spotify isn’t becoming a video app, it’s just adding music videos to the experience 

Music Videos on Spotify.  I love it!  Long overdue, as Apple Music has had this for years.


Please hurry and release this in the U.S.

There have been podcast videos for year.  Music videos make perfect sense!  Apple Music has had videos for years.  It's about time!


Music videos are great, loving the addition as I have spotify open on my 2nd monitor most of the time. Some feedback on areas to improve on:
1. I would love the option (as a toggle somewhere) to automatically play the music video if one is available instead of having to manually switch it on for each song.
2. If a toggle mode like the above is implemented, can we also have the "clips" from the android app also displayed for songs without a music video? I've always enjoyed the looping clips on my phone but always disappointed it doesnt show on desktop app, where I'm most likely to see the looped clips.

Hey Spotify… I love that our kids can have a long leash for *listening* to music - but I’ve been catching them head hunched over a screen watching the new full music videos that they’ve found.


Please address this and give parents the option to turn this feature off (or if anyone knows how to and I’m missing something let me know how!)


Something simple like just adding another toggle for "remove music video content" next to "remove explicit content" would be fab 👍


Having the videos is not the issue btw, it the inability to be able to deactivate access to them that I have an issue with. 


Thanks ☺️ 

It would be good if there was an option to turn this feature completely off, which doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. Especially since not all videos are appropriate for younger viewers and kids can easily get access to videos that are not aimed to them.

I think it is an awesome extra function! But is it possible to stay in video mode during the whole of your playlist? Because it seems to go back to audio mode after each song... Even tough the next track has video mode.

Yeah. That’s exactly what I’d want from this service. If there can be playlists of just music video enabled songs that could then be played continuously it’d be amazing.

it's an exciting feature. However my main issue with it is that It doesn't enable me to view and listen to the music in video-mode continuously, without having to push 'switch to video' button. For example, I would like to create an album with songs that enable me to view them in video-mode without having to push the 'switch to video' button on every new song that is queued. 

Tbh I open my Spotify every morning wishing for this to be available ! 🥺

I hope this service is available in France soon! I'm really excited about the idea of having access to music videos. Artists often put a lot of effort into their videos, and it's great to have them all in one place


I dont have this feature in the netherlands

I'm using my mobile and it automatically changes to video. I use the option to switch to audio, the song restarts. When it move to the next, it automatically changes back to the video. How do I turn this option off? 






iPhone 12 

Operating System

iOS 17.4


My Question or Issue

I see that there are music videos available on the iOS app through posts I've seen, but can't find any way to do it on mine. I've searched for the songs others have posted. Is it not available in the US yet? Thanks!

As a parent I'm pretty livid that Spotify is adding videos to music tracks and already has video podcasts (vodcasts) available. I used to have a reasonable level of trust that I could let my kids listen to music on their device while reading/playing/getting ready for school without being sucked in to staring at the screen by video content. Videos also add an additional risk that they might be exposed to inappropriate content that isn't captured by the 'Explicit' tag on songs. (E.g.lots of songs where I'm ok with my child listening to the song have a music video that is highly sexualised that I wouldn't want them watching). 

As a minimum Spotify need to give Family Plan managers the ability to disallow video and/or vodcasts content on the other  accounts. 

To be clear, my kids are too old for a Spotify child account but definitely too young to have unfettered access to music/video content.

This would be great. I hope they will also release this update to other countries as well

I like to listen to music while playing games on xbox but the app now starts playing the music videos instead of just the audio. This can get very distracting. Is there a way to turn this off?

I'm a Premium user in the Philippines, yet, I don't have the music video feature even though I listen for almost a whole day in Spotify 🙄

Apparently it's not in beta anymore as I get videos on my TV now when I play Spotify, that's cool and all, but if I'm gonna get ads with those videos I WANT TO BE ABLE TO TURN VIDEOS OFF!!!

I love Video at @Spotify 

PublishYouOne - Because I Love Music So Much

No it’s premium only no adds and you can turn it of by switching to audio only 

PublishYouOne - Because I Love Music So Much

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