What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

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Hello Community,

Could somebody please explain how can I remove the two "Shortcuts" from my Home tab? Please, see the attached screen shot.

I have in Spotify Web, Destkop App, Mobile App.

It just sits there, I don't know why and I would prefer not to have it there.

I have found no way how to remove it.

I do not know the artist, I do not follow the artist, I do not like the artist...

So why do I have a shortcut for that song on my Home tab?

Thank you.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.23.16.png

Hey folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


The Shortcuts section you see on your Home Screens are part of ongoing efforts to improve the user experience by providing meaningful, relevant content recommendations to you. We understand that for those of you posting here, this isn't the case. Your feedback is what helps the right teams find out, that this still needs work on. 


As everything, this is a learning process and we're monitoring both backstage data and user feedback to improve our features.


In the meantime you can leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to this idea. You can also read how your feedback reach Spotify here.



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Hahahaha. This is frikkin' amazing. "Listen to :at: yesboss. Please." ???????

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It is beyond frustrating that Spotify refuses to fix this bug.  I just updated to the latest and it is still there... There is no way that this is a desirable feature because it shows a list of songs that I clicked on over the course of a day or two SEVERAL MONTHS AGO and is never updated with actual music that I listen to (which I might actually want shortcuts to??!)  This is a joke guys... come on! Where can we post this that will actually be taken seriously?!  On the mac desktop app the entire visible top part of the home page is taken up by random stuff I don't listen to nor do I want to see every time I open the app.  Luckily it's nothing embarrassing, unlike what some people here are experiencing.


Sure Jeremy, great placebo reply: "Just vote for the feature". Then you wait 5 years and maybe some day you might get that fixed. I think going to apple music, as suggested by other people, is the fastest way to a decent paid service. I know you won't miss me, you have millions of users and I'm just one less **bleep** using your service, but **bleep** it, such is life. Good bye Spotify?.


@ramirez, this is the type of answer you'd expect from Spotify. It's always some stupid "vote for this" response.


It's nearly 2021 and this is an issue? How hard is it to add code to remove a shortcut? It isn't. They just have some underlying reason they don't want to do it. 


I am in the same boat. Have this kids Bop on my shortcuts along with hard rock, metal, and what not. Pretty sure at one point the kids told Google to play something like that and now I can't remove it. I was hoping I could on the PC, but as I looked this morning I found that wasn't an option and then that led me here. 


And I should have known we'd all get the usual nonsense response of voting for something that shouldn't even be an issue.


Sometimes I question the dev teams of Spotify and why we're even discussing this. 

Jeremy, can you just add a Remove option. The Shortcuts section is not even something a user creates themselves, like playlists (and even that has a Remove option), it's prescribed to the user so at least let us opt-out or remove it all together. I'm sure Rasmus Andersson would be disappointed by this major issue, that is easily solved

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This feature was not added through democratic process- it shouldn’t need a public vote to consider removing it or at least giving us a setting to hide it or disable it or whatever. Anyone posting here is not doing so to be a nuisance- it’s out of a desire to make Spotify better and the company should really be better about taking this feedback seriously. People have been requesting this for quite some time now and the response is always to “vote for it”... I really think that this thread needs to be seen by someone within the company that can make these kinda decisions because to me this is an absolute no brainer. How many “likes” does this have to get to be taken seriously? In my mind it’s not a feature request - it’s a bug report- it displays music that we do NOT want shortcuts to- and at the very top of our home page. If you want to have this feature at least give us the ability to remove songs that have been automatically added because right now there is no rhyme or reason to the music displayed there and it is detrimental to the experience for all users.


Stop telling people to "vote" for something obvious.  That is an insult to your customers.


Spotify spotify spotify.. How sh*te you've become over the past couple of years.

Excuse my swearing but come on you bunch of f*cking tw*ts, just put in the bl**dy remove feature. As an active app dev myself I know it isn't hard to do. If you want just hire me and I'll do it for you. Stop updating the app into something no one wants and let us have control over what an active app and game devoloper and well all I can say is that are institution has 100% moved away from ur buggy sh*te service. Congrats on losing 500+ active members. Silly silly idiots.

There was a women in this section complain about a nude photo shown on her home screen. And why should we vote for an outdated bs idea that not only us but you can see that it's been inactive for two years.

F*cking sort ur sh*te service out ye c***s!


what i dont actually listen toowhat i dont actually listen too


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I have BOOBS on my screen all the time, and I'm a school teacher who uses Spotify in the classroom. Spotify, you have to address this!20200923_115554.jpg


oh my god, this is the most important reason now, I feel for you


I also have an inappropriate image showing up on my playlist that belongs to an album with a song that was listened to 1/4 of the way through... Yet it shows up as my number one shortcut. 


This is also for my business computer which popped up in front of my clients. I have listened to other albums and songs and still, this is still the first image that shows up every time I load up Spotify.

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 8.54.58 AM.png


I'm getting tired of seeing this in my shortcuts every time I open up the app.Capture 2.PNG


Spotify Home Shortcuts are one of the most obnoxious things I've seen. Even when explicit content is turned off, unwanted shortcuts to **bleep** appear in Home Shortcuts, and there's virtually no way to get rid of it. Spotify at least provide a way to clean up Home Shortcuts.


I voted for the "Customize Start Screen" idea.


It is mind-boggling that my shortcuts are all of these bizarre musicians I have never even listened to. Total garbage. I have tried Spotify for the last month because it has better search features than YT Music, but this hijacking of Recently Played and Shortcuts is totally unacceptable.


This is some great streaming service? What a bunch of jerks.


I have the same problem. It shows albums I have never listened to.


I contacted Spotify support regarding this annoying section.  Their response:  "Shewlaces, unfortunately, these shortcuts cannot be edited. These will be updated according to your most heard playlists or podcasts"

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Their response is simply lazy and ignorant, bordering offensive. How can Spotify deny user's intervention on their machine learning?! I can understand the idea behind "Shortcut" but disregarding the user's opinion on the relevance of the shortcuts' content and edit it accordingly is outrageous!


  It's about making money. I could care less for some Rogan dude podcast, all of a sudden decided to start playing it on it's own. Now, its all over the place with no possibility of removal. Its they way of getting more money from us, like it or not. Response from so called "support" borderline offensive. Time to start looking for alternatives.

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I long ago shift to DEEZER and really happy with my decision !!!


"I long ago shift to DEEZER and really happy with my decision !!!"

  The more i look at it, the more i'm raging at it. I just downloaded Deezer, see how i like it, Thanks for the tip.