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Why does Spotify randomly remove songs from Liked songs?

Why does Spotify randomly remove songs from Liked songs?







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Has been happening for years - I keep finding that songs that I know with certainty I have added to my library (songs I have Liked) are getting un-liked/removed from my library. This undermines my confidence that the library I've curated is complete. Is there a way to stop this from happening? 

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Hey there @dbellisario!


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


One of the reasons for this could be because some songs get re-uploaded from the artists with a new version. In these cases you'd need to re-add the songs to your Liked songs.


If this happens to a lot of songs, we'd recommend logging in on your Account page and going to ''Apps'' in the menu on the left side. 


There you can see all third party apps that are connected to your account and we'd recommend that you "Remove Access" for the apps that you don't recognize.


It's also a good idea to clear your cache with the steps here.


Let us know how it goes! We'll be here if you have any questions.

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The same thing happens to me all the time.  I tend to find them by looking through my playlists and finding loads of songs without the heart next to them.  I hate to think of all the songs that I've forgotten about that Spotify has removed from my liked songs.

Why does this happen??

Hi Elena, thanks for the help.  However I don't have any third party apps linked to my account and my cache was cleared.  There have been a massive amount of songs removed from my "liked songs" so I'm wondering if there's any other reason this is happening?



Ugh, this drives me crazy! I only notice when I haven't heard a song in weeks or months. Then I have to go find the song and add it back to my Liked Songs list again.

This is a significant issue for me. How can this be rectified? Can you send an email or something when a song is removed?

Hey folks,


Thanks for the info 🙂


Could you give these steps a go and run a clean reinstall? This one is more thorough than the usual one.


It's also a good idea to try with another account on the same device. Are there any changes?


Keep us in the loop! We'll be right here if you have any questions.

Ver Moderator
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I had over 2k songs like and today it dropped to 1600 liked songs.

Edit: solved one issue / another issue duplicates with what was stated already above. cannot delete that comment. 

Surely this is a bug with spotify? I would of thought such a massive company would be able to figure out a way of retaining the connection to the original liked song just through similar information? You could notify the user when a song has disappeared from a playlist to nudge the user to re-like it if they want to or allow artists the option to re-upload the song without having to remove it? This seems like a basic usability feature. I doubt spotify will ever change this since they are making too much money to care about improving the product.

Absolutely ridiculous that this is still a common occurrence with no solution in place. Just this morning I noticed another 6+ songs removed from my library—all from different artists. Love Spotify but this alone is enough to make me consider switching platforms.

I have just noticed this for 2 songs in one of my daily mixes. I know they were definitely liked before. I searched the song again just in case it was a different version I had liked but it wasn't that. One of the songs had 3 versions but none were liked, and the other only has 1 version available on spotify.

If it is like @Elena said at the start, that artists sometimes reupload their songs, then it would be nice to get a notification telling us when a song has been unliked.


edit: I have just gone to "Liked Songs" and searched for the 2 songs I just liked now, and they are now shown twice in my liked songs playlist. These are exactly the same songs from exactly the same single / album - not different version.

Maybe it is because I added them the first time when I had premium, but I don't have premium at the moment so they are being treated as different albums?

I tried clearning my cache which did cause my liked songs playlist to reload because I saw the number couting up, but it still shows duplicates of exactly the same song.


edit2: It seems they are different uploads, since if I "copy song link" they have different URLs. Eg:

This is the version currently active on Spotify:

This is the version in my playlist from last year: which can no longer be searched for.

It's annoying, same thing with albums

It's still going on! Last month I had 18k on my liked, now it's down to 17k wth. I haven't removed any track individually. What's happening?!

I actually contacted spotify through the online massaging on the website.
The person who I spoke to said they understood my frustration and that they
had passed it onto the superiors but that all they could do. I asked them
to let me know if anything ever came of it but I doubt it ever will. Don't
think they care enough to do anything about it. I'd suggest leaving the
platform and trying a different service.

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