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Why won’t my local file that’s missing metadata download?

Why won’t my local file that’s missing metadata download?


Plan - Premium, 4 month trial

Country - United Ststes

Device - iPhone 11

Operating System - iOS 15.0.2


My Question or Issue


I have local files which i downloaded online which are missing the Artist. It plays on my computer fine but will not sync to my phone. (one looks like it’ll play but doesn’t).  Any tips/Solutions?



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Hey @Joeyk12212003,


Thanks for the post.


We recommend checking thsi post for some troubleshooting you can try if your local files are not working.


Alternativelly, you can try changing the format of your files, which don't work or editing the metadata. Make sure that there are no special symbols like !, @, #, $, ` etc. and that the artist/ song name features only letters from the standard roman alphabet.


Hope this helps. 

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