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[Your Library] Play Liked Songs Only

[Your Library] Play Liked Songs Only

I would love a feature that lets you only listen to the liked songs in a playlist or album. I like to listen to albums a lot but sometimes only want to hear the songs I liked from the album. 

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Hi there @Nickaaayy,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. We moved your idea from the idea board to our help board.


You're actually able to only play liked songs from an artist. Just head to the artist profile and you should be able to see Liked Songs on the right side next to Popular on the desktop app. If you're using your mobile you should be able to see it under Follow.


If you don't see it, can you provide us a screenshot so that we can have a closer look directly from your end?


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

Take care 🙂

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I'd really like this feature as well. Maybe allow us to sort an album or playlist by the "Liked" column so we could hear only the Liked songs first -- if that is easier/cleaner to implement. I was a bit surprised to find that you can't sort by that column already.


Being able to hear only liked songs from an artist is nice, but doesn't address this (for me, at least).

Hey @Gecko9,


Thanks for posting in the Community and sharing your feature request.


Other users have also expressed their need to be able to sort by liked status of the songs and have created this idea. We encourage you to share it and vote on it, so we can take the next steps in relaying it to our design team for review.


Hope this helps,



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It would be nice if Spotify could just play/shuffle “liked songs” regardless of play list, albums, etc.   I have playlist by genre, but sometime I want to listen to all favorites without changing back and forth.

If i go to one artist and the select the option liked songs, Spotify shows all songs in the albums and shows liked and no liked songs as well. I attach a screenshot to shows what i mean. As you can see in the image i went to liked songs of Ricargo Arjona and the songs listed are marked as liked and not liked as well.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 1.01.10 PM.png

Hi there @msvillarrealv!


That's correct - the Liked Songs section on an artist's page also includes tracks from the artist's albums you've saved in Your Library. This may be due to the fact that downloading individual tracks isn't currently available on the platform, while downloading whole albums/playlists is.


There's an idea about this section showing only the songs that are in your Liked Songs playlist here, so be sure to check it out and show your support, if you haven't already.


The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.



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Yeah same I would adore that

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