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how to create a public playlist from my liked titles ?

how to create a public playlist from my liked titles ?







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how to create a public playlist from my liked titles ?

each time i listen to music, like in my psersonalized playlist "discovery of the week", i click on "favorite" on each title i like, then the title goes to my private playlist "liked titles".

but i would like to share with friends the whole content of my private playlist "liked titles".

how to do that ?

how to create a public playlist containing all the songs i liked and clicked "favorite" on them, in order to share this playlist with friends having a free spotify account ?

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Hi @bestofcomputer,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community, and welcome!


The easiest way to copy your Liked Songs to a new playlist would be by using the desktop app on your PC, since you can select multiple songs and move them at once to a new playlist this way.


First, you can select the option Create Playlist on the left side menu of the desktop app. 


Next, I recommend making sure that you don't have any unavailable (grayed-out) tracks in your Liked Songs, so as to avoid any issues with copying your Liked Songs to the new playlist.


Then, select all of the tracks in your Liked Songs by pressing Ctrl + A (or clicking Edit -> Select All from the dropdown menu at the top-left of the screen).


When the tracks are all selected, simply drag and drop them to the new playlist that you created, on the left side of the desktop app. You can also add a title, description, and artwork to the playlist if you'd like.


To share the playlist with friends, make sure that the playlist is set to “Public” (you can edit the privacy of the playlist via its 3-dot menu). Next, from the playlist’s 3-dot menu, select “Share -> Copy link to playlist.” You can then send the playlist link to your friends (such as by text message, email, etc.)


However, note that if your friends are on the free plan and are accessing your playlist using the mobile app, they won’t be able to see the list of songs in the playlist due to a recent change regarding accounts on the free plan. (Feel free to check out a Community Moderator’s reply in this thread for more info regarding this recent change.)


If you'd like, you can also add the new playlist to your Spotify profile by clicking the playlist’s 3-dot menu and selecting "Add to profile."


Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a good day!

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