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[iOS][Other] 2020 Wrapped not accurate

[iOS][Other] 2020 Wrapped not accurate

This morning i was watching my 2020 wrapped. Sadly, i see songs on it that i’ve never played before. And artist that i barely listen too.  Like “bad dreams- DJ Isaac”. I don’t even know the track. My favorite artist are artist that i haven’t even played so many times this year. Like the artist “ DJ Isaac, Frenna or Madison Beer or Chris Brown”. Really nothing is accurate with what i’ve played. Everything doesn’t match. Very sad with what im seeing. How can you guys fix this ? I am the only one running this account so there wouldn’t be anybody else that listens to this. Could u guys fix this for me? Thanks

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Something similar happened to me with the most listen song. It is song I didn't know! The rest of the list is ok but not the number 1. The app says I listened that song one day 100 times. For sure, I didn't...

You are not alone, the top 8 of my top 10 tracks from 2020 are stuff I've never listened to. What's going on? Have I been hacked? 

Same, Can't see my own stats.

I have a similar problem. I had to look up 3 out of the 5 top songs in my wrapped! I did recognize two of them after I listened to them again but still surprising that they beat out others that I would remember instantly. However, the fifth song I have NEVER heard in my life, don’t know the artist, it’s not even a genre I listen to. And one of the favorite artists is an album I listened to ONE TIME.  


Everything else seems normal in the full playlist I got, so I don’t think it’s from someone else using my account or anything. Just really bizarre. 

I've got the same issue on android.


I store my 'liked songs' playlist offline and its as if it hasn't counted any of those, but its counted stuff I've cast to a TV or smart speaker or anything I've played outside of my liked playlist on my phone.

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