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3 device max out

3 device max out

I keep trying to download my saved songs playlist but the app won't allow me, I know it isn't the storage that's an issue, my playlist consist of less that 100 songs. The error message keeps popping up that I've downloaded to more than 3 devices, the only device I've ever downloaded to is my current phone and the phone I had before it, nothing else but the message keeps appearing and won't allow be to sync anything to hear offline.
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Welcome to the Community! i believe if you go to the Main Page and log in and click Account under the drag-down menu you can view your offline Devices.

i have the same problem now , but there are only 2 devices on the page you say to look under offline devices. this is happening everytime i start spotify now. what do i do now ?? i have done all the regular stuff , deleted all offline devices , removed spotify completely from all devices , removed the files , removed spotify files from sd card an formated the sd card , reinstalled on both devices and still the same problem...this is android phone by the way

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