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4s Lock Screen Bug, anyone else?

4s Lock Screen Bug, anyone else?

I have the latest update of Spotify on an iPHone 4s, iOS 5.1 (not 5.1.1). I do not believe this was happening prior to the last update and I'm not sure where to send bug reports or if Spotify even takes them.


Anyway, if I turn off the screen while listening to Spotify then want to look at the lock screen and see what song is playing it will display the current song but if I look down again after the track has changed it still displays the title of the track that was playing the first time. If I unlock the screen then lock it back and check again it will display the correct song. But it will only display that track's info even when I'm further into the playlist.


In other words if I look at the lock screen during track 1 then lock the screen again and look back once I've progressed to track 3, it still displays track 1. Unlocking and relocking the screen refreshes the data to the current track but it remains stuck there until the next unlock.


While I'm here... any plans to allow us to rearrange playlists? I like my stuff to be better organized than it is. Folders would be great.



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Weird, I haven't come across that. You might want to try a clean installation of Spotify on your device, that might get things working.

Sadly rearranging playlists can only be done on the desktop at the moment. We also have playlist folders there too, which work once you get back to the iOS app. Read all about them right here.

Airhorn Enthusiast

I am also having this issue since updating to the latest version of spotify on my iPhone 4

I'm also having the the same problem I thought I was the only one... It also does it on my iPad.

I'm experiencing this issue as well, and I believe it was introduced with the last update.

Yep, me too, on my iPhone 4.  Worse still, I use my iPhone to play Spotify over my car hi-fi via Bluetooth and the information on the car hi-fi display is also incorrect.


Come on Spotify, sort it out, this problem has been around for a good few weeks now!

Interesting this. Although I haven't noticed incorrect track name on locked screen,  I regularly get incorrect track displays on my Pioneer mini Hi-Fi system when playing spotify through the integrated dock. Also I have a Revo Axis internet radio player with integrated iphone/ipod dock. Similarly, when playing Spotify via docked iphone, song display is frequently incorrect. It seems to display ok for a few tracks on both systems but then sticks on one track or there is a blank display on the Axis. This seems to be a particular problem with Spotify app as there is no display problem for either music system when using integral ipod app on iphone. I guess it could be to do with firmware of both music systems not officially supporting spotify although judging from above comments this could be a Spotify issue. I am using latest version of Spotify app on iphone 3GS.

I have been expericencing this too. Seems to happen to me when I listening to an album and skip a track. But If I listen to a full track it doesn't happen. I also noticed that if I skip a track, the title will be of the previous track, then listen to a track completely to the next track, the title will be of the track I just listened to.

This problem has been discussed on two other threads on these pages. They know about it. Why they don't care to fix it is beyond me.

It's disappointing that they didn't fix this in the latest update. 😕 The mobile app, IMHO, has several interface issues that need attention. (e. g. titles that get cut off with '...' rather than scroll.)

I've noticed that the issue with the track name not updating also affects the player controls you access by double tapping "home" on the iPhone then swiping to the left. Also, even on unlocking and relocking sometimes the title will doesn't update. Especially annoying because sometimes the only way to get a tracks full title is to check the lockscreen since Spotify truncates titles.



Here's one of the other threads. The issue remains unresolved as of the latest update.


The issue appears to have started with version 0.5.2. There have been two updates since this version 0.5.3 and 0.5.4. None have fixed the problem.


Same problem here too, when will this be fixed finally?

Interesting... I get the same issue... Almost always shows the song that was playing at the time of locking the screen... It does get refreshed when he app is opened up again... This is not so serious as my current issue wih the app stopping all songs after 1m 30 sec... It renders my having spotify pretty useless

I have noticed this bug for the past month and a half or so.

Any update on this?

No update has fixed this yet an I've actually noticed new bugs since the last update. The worst is occasionally a track will not play or will stop playing. The pause button will be displayed (indicating the track is playing) but the progress bar will not move and I won't hear anything.

The mobile app needs a LOT of love. I love the service but the software (mobile and PC both) need work. Especially for those of us that pay for it.

Here we go again. 5.6. Did it fix the problem?

I'm downloading it on my phone right now... I'll check it out.

Will try as well. Change log for update says "Fixes Connectivity Issues".

Nope, problem not fixed.

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