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So i have some problems with the lyric. I created a new Premium account for my friends yesterday and somehow none of the songs have lyric. However when try logging in to my Premium Account on the same phone and listen to the same song, the lyric is there. Could there be anything that block you from viewing the song lyrics?

Thanks You For Your Help

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Hey @CuongPhmXuan, help's arrived. 


Let's try a couple of things:

  • Try logging out on the device and back in.
  • Try a quick reinstall of the app on their device.
  • Double-check if this also occurs on a different network connection. If it works with another connection, you can contact the service provider of the original network for more information.

If none of the suggestions does the trick, can you let us know if it persists when accessing your friends' account from another device?


Let us know how it goes 🙂

We ran into the same problem. The same song on my Android shows lyrics just fine, but none on my friend's Xs Max (Spotify 8.4.96; iOS 12.1.4). 

Hey @Le_Lee.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Could you ask your friend to try the steps that @Jemi suggested above?


Let us know how they get on! We'll be right here if they need any further help.

Thanks for the haste reply !


Actually we did, we tried all those steps but lyric is still not working. 

Hey @Le_Lee,


Keep in mind that the Lyrics feature is a Premium feature in your region. Do your friends have Premium accounts? If not, they'll have to upgrade in order to see lyrics. If they have Premium, they may be logging in on another account which is Free, so make sure to check out this help article to find the right account.


Hope that helps 🙂

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