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Adding music to spotify

Adding music to spotify

I’m trying to upload a song I have on download but all the guidance says to use “settings” next to the profile pic. But I don’t have a settings option, or a local files access, just account or log out! What am I not doing? I’ve tried this on s10+, ipad, Mac and a normal computer, all of which doesn’t give me an option to add music! 

the Spotify help doesn’t help.. 








iPad, mac, Samsung s10+ and pc! 




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Hi there @Emmacw

thanks for reaching out !


Could you please add a screenshot of what you see on your screen ?


In the meanwhile, you can check this "Local Files" feature help page for further instructions.


Keep me posted 🙂

@Emmacw wrote:

I don’t have a settings option

I can't tell about "normal computer", but on a Mac pressing Command + comma (⌘ ,) should work.

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