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Adding song multiple times to playlist

Adding song multiple times to playlist

With one of the latest iOS app updates, the new checkbox style playlist selector when adding a song to a playlist doesn’t allow for a song to be added to a playlist more than once. I like to add songs multiple times to my playlist as I sort by recently added. Is this still possible, or only on desktop from now on? Would be a dealbreaker for me.








iPhone 13 Pro Max

Operating System

iOS 16.1.2


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Hi there @quintenadema,

Thanks for the post.

Currently this feature is still in testing, which means it might change over time. In this state, it's not possible to add a song to a playlist more than once on mobile. This is still possible on the Desktop app, as you've noticed. Nevertheless, I'll pass on your feedback to the developer teams.



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I am using an iPhone and (to my knowledge) the most recent version of Spotify. In 2020, the last time I added the same song to a playlist twice, it would simply have a confirmation pop-up telling me I already had it in that playlist and asking if I wanted to add it again. Now, it does not add the song a second time.

If I search for the song and go to “add to playlist” and click on the playlist it does nothing. If I am in the playlist and click “add songs” and click on the little plus icon for that song it does nothing.






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

Most recent IOS


My Question or Issue

With the most recent update, the ability to add the same song to a playlist more than once has been removed. As I depend on this feature for my running playlists, and as there doesn’t really seem like a good reason to have removed this feature after 7+ years of having it, I suggest it reverts to how it was before (where, if you add a song to a playlist it is already in, it asks you if you want to ‘add anyway’ or not. /That/ was useful)

This is an issue I also have had on mobile- I depend on it for my running playlists, and believe me, I am similarly disappointed. Am hoping they roll it back in the next update.

This is similarly a dealbreaker for me— the way I use this feature, it prevents me from having to create dozens of tiny playlists for three-to-ten long song sets (i bookend sets with the same song in the same playlist, and even repeat songs in each set). Please fix this. 

This is a deal breaker for me too.  This is absurd and must have been a mistake.  I will switch if this is true

This is very upsetting and a deal breaker for me. I use more than one silent track when i make playlists and now i can’t. I don’t understand why this feature was taken away.

This is also a big problem for me! I have a set of playlists where the first song in my head in the morning is added, and as you can imagine if you're really into a song you'll have it multiple times. If I can't easily add it from bed I could forget it by the time I get to my desktop. PLEASE fix this.

(I'm also annoyed by not being able to easily see which songs I've already liked, but this part of the update ACTIVELY interferes with my user experience)

Echoing what everyone else has said above. The allure of a service like Spotify Premium is the ability to customize my playlist. Not being able to add songs more than once to my playlists is a dealbreaker. 

I like adding the same song to my playlist multiple time and it’s really a shame that it is not possible on the app as I don’t use the computer. Deal breaker for me too

I’ll delete my Spotify if I can’t repeat a song on a playlist. I literally NEED this feature for using Spotify as. A device 

Right now the ability to add a song to a playlist more than once using the "Add to playlist" menu in the mobile app is currently not possible. As a workaround you can still add songs to a playlist more than once using the desktop app.


In my walkthrough I show you how to use the new Plus button and you can find more answers to the most frequently asked questions:


The ♡ Heart button is being replaced with a (+) Plus button

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Sorry this is late, but you can always make a new playlist with only the song you want multiple times, click the three dots on the playlist, select "add to other playlist" and add it to whichever playlist you want, regardless if the song is already in the playlist or not!

this is a brilliant work around, until they hopefully fix this very inconvenient glitch. Thank you!

If you make an individual playlist for a single song you can add that playlist to other playlists multiple times

This suuucks I listen to full discographies  and used a 6 second sound effect to signal the end and beginning of albums… it’s not really detrimental to them to have it so hope this is just temporary

All these months later and we still can’t add a song to a playlist multiple times and now the price increase. I’m truly raging mad!!!!!!!!

this is so stupid. we should be able to add a song multiple times to one playlist on mobile. i like to do it solely for streaming purposes and mix songs up so i can have a specific song every other song like ugh

I can't understand that an obvious programmer's error, which has existed for over half a year, has not yet been removed!!

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