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Adding song multiple times to playlist

Adding song multiple times to playlist

With one of the latest iOS app updates, the new checkbox style playlist selector when adding a song to a playlist doesn’t allow for a song to be added to a playlist more than once. I like to add songs multiple times to my playlist as I sort by recently added. Is this still possible, or only on desktop from now on? Would be a dealbreaker for me.








iPhone 13 Pro Max

Operating System

iOS 16.1.2


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48 Replies

Left a one star review. Please fix this issue. 

What I do to solve this issue is to go to spotify on safari/google and use : use desktop site this will give the ability to add multiple of the same song in one playlist.

Why'd you have to go and make the app garbage now?

This is obviously a feature ppl want and i'm one of 'em! This is somthing spotify should look in to.
One could wonder if developers even care about the community at all?
Please just make this happen, please please...! *cute puppy-eyes* 😉

Man **bleep** I can’t add the same song


Can this be fixed already? It’s caused nothing but constant issues building playlists. 

I've recently been making playlists that require the same song multiple times in different places, and I can no longer do so through the mobile app I use Spotify through for most of my musical needs. This was not an issue in prior versions of the mobile app, and I am baffled as to why this has to be an issue now.

I know I’m a year late, but I would imagine it was intentional as it limits artists with higher royalties?

Haha. I do the exact same thing, which is what brought me to this forum. I simply don’t understand the logic of creating less functionality. You’d thing Spotify would have better things to do than nerd its own app. 

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