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Ads in unlimited recently on my mobile (ios)

Ads in unlimited recently on my mobile (ios)

I've had unlimited for awhile now. I've never heard ads on my desktop or mobile, until a couple weeks ago when they starting playing on my mobile. I'm using an iphone 5s, and yes I've tried logging out and in, closing it down, etc. And yes my subscription and payments are all straight. I am currently listed as subscribed to unlimited on my profile page. 


Did spotify slip ads back into the mobile app for unlitmited subscribers? If so why were we not notified?  



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Yes, i think unlimited now has ads on mobile, Unlimited only takes ads away from the desktop. So when you are using a mobile device, you are seen as a free user. 

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Thanks for the reply! Are you certain this change is in effect, or just think that's the case? 


I personally find this change very annoying. I CANNOT stand ads, especially on spotify, as they seem particularly annoying and repetitive. I also think it is quite uncommon/silly for a company to reduce the features of an existing product (like their previously ad free unlimited subscription).


I don't know if they had it under priced before, and need to improve their margins, or if they are trying to make people upgrade by taking away a feature they've grown accustom to? Either way I'm annoyed and will likely be canceling my spotify unlimited out of pure spite. Pandora here I come!  

I'm guessing you are in the USA and had ad-free radio. The changes came in with the launch of spotify free on mobile as announced here. With unlimited you now also get access to the entire catalogue playlists and other stuff but yes, you will get ads. Premium is a great choice for ad-free listening on all devices.

Yes I am in the USA, and was getting ad free streaming on all devices, up until they released these new mobile features for free users.


I just think it kind of sucks that free users got all of these new features, and unlimited subscribers got more ads plus what? They ability to shuffle play playlists? Please


Yes premium is an option, but it also cost more for features I would rarely use. All I want is to not be bombarded with ads!  

Ditto jkuney.


This was a bad business decision on Spotify's part. I can't believe it.

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