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AirPods Connection Reliability Problems

AirPods Connection Reliability Problems


Premium (Student)


United States


iPhone SE (M/N: NLY32LL/A), AirPods 1st and 2nd Generation

Operating System

iOS 12.3 (Build: 16F5129d)


My Question or Issue

When listening from Spotify, AirPods consistently cut out and back in on the music. The music continues while sound is lost, so there are just dead spots in my connection.


This is a Spotify-specific issue; none of my other apps are affected. I have a sneaking suspicion that Apple is limiting the scope of the Bluetooth connection from only the Spotify app. It makes sense, since Spotify is a huge competitor. Apple has tried to sabotage Spotify in the past with ridiculous App Store regulations and such. Worth looking into.

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Hey @bls1999, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Please note that you're on a unreleased version of iOS, currently the official public version is 12.2 so I'd recommend downgrading to it and check if the same issue happens again.


Thanks 🙂

Hey there-- thanks for your reply. This has been happening since iOS 11, so I don't think my software is the issue. I've also reinstalled a few times to no avail.



Same issue for me.. I noticed this first on my iPhone SE and thought of hardware issue or bad Bluetooth connection but then I switched to iPhone 8 and having the same problem..

I don’t know if I’m getting crazy but it seems to be resolved when I touch the phone and put it out of the pocket... 

However I’m listening to podcasts using Apple Podcasts app and there are no issues whatsoever... 

Yeah, that's pretty much the same with me. Connection is fine while the phone is in the same place using Apple apps, but not with Spotify.

Me too. I was on iOS 12.2 and with the latest Spotify version at that time (last week May 9-15 and I experienced this cuts/jumps/glitch like a pirated CD. I took my new Airpods 2nd Gen to the service center and they deemed it as in good condition. I tried updating to the newly release iOS 12.3 and uninstalling/reinstalling Spotify app and so far I have not experienced the cuts/jumps/glitch on Spotify.

Hey @jsnprz - glad to hear that it's working OK now 🙂


@bls1999 and @chymus - do you mind trying to reinstall Spotify again and let us know if that fixes it for you? If not, could you let us know the exact version of Spotify you're on? Once we have that, we can take a closer look.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your replies.


I just got my airpods today and it’s doing the exact same thing. I don’t know what to do. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, I love spotify and would love to keep using it.

I have the same problem with airpod and spotify. But after reinstalling the app, now they work perfectly!

I have also had the same problem - spotify specifically cuts out in one airpod, then resumes a few seconds later in the other. Other apps work fine with airpods, and spotify works fine as long as I'm using another app (like maps) that also uses sound at the same time. But spotify on its own will result in the cutting out of sound.

I have this issue too and it's driving me nuts. Tried the install re install. Didn't change a thing. Updated to latest software no change. All other audio apps fine

I have a similar problem and no advice works. Moreover, for some reason, I can't connect my wireless airpods to the TV. I sometimes watch movies at night while my wife is sleeping and I have to wear headphones to avoid disturbing her. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my airpods are not original, but fake (there is a review of them here If you have encountered such a problem, please give me a few recommendations. I appreciate any advice and I wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on branded headphones. So I hope they're not the problem.

Resetting my airpods seemed to fix the problem

I’ve deleted the app, reset my AirPods, but the issue is so bad, I’m seriously considering cancelling Spotify, which I love. But I primarily listen thru my AirPods at the gym. The experience has become intolerable. Any more help on this?

Hey folks! 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


@Rachellrinehart, @afee646, @Dyuile, sorry for the delayed reply. We just came across this thread. Could you let us know if you're still experiencing this issue? If so, would you mind letting us know which troubleshooting steps you've already tried?


@Graham_J, you mentioned that you've already reinstalled the app, but would you mind going through the steps of a clean reinstall, as it's more thorough than a normal one? If this doesn't do the trick, we suggest that you unpair and then re-pair your Airpods again to check if that makes the difference. 


We'll keep an eye out for your reply 🙂

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