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Album Cover Weirdness

Album Cover Weirdness

(Not sure if im doing this right since its my first time) I added songs via local file to my playlist on spotify. I’ve seen posts from the past of how the album artwork doesn’t show up on mobile but it does on desktop. It was marked as solved but i still get have that issue. Also a weird happening. None of my local files have the option of “save to library” except randomly two songs. These two songs are also the only ones that display an album cover on the mobile app but its not even the cover i chose. These two songas are arian grande songs and i gave them the my everything deluxe album cover but for some reason they have the non deluxe album cover also the artist name “Ariana Grande” isnt gray like my other ariana grande local files. Its white like an actual song would be. Why did that happen? 

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The best solution:

You can just upload the album cover (jpg).

Instantly work!


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