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Album art wrong over USB in Genesis G80

Album art wrong over USB in Genesis G80


Premium Duo




iPhone 12 Pro Max

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iOS 14.4.2


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I am trying to use Spotify in a 2017 Genesis G80 3.8 AWD Ultimate (w/ 9.2" display and DIS).  I updated the car to the latest firmware, which is a November 2020 update with version number DH17MY.USA.SOP.04.026.  This model car does not have Apple CarPlay.  My issue is that over Bluetooth, I don't see any album artwork at all (which is probably the car's software lacking the capability).  But over a brand new USB to Lightning cable, I see some album artwork, but it is sometimes wrong.  If I pick a new song in a playlist, the first song is always correct; however, song #2 does not update the artwork, and starting with #3, the artwork is 1 behind (#3 has #2 artwork, #4 has #3 artwork, etc).  This continues until I pick a different song completely, where it resets again.  This issue does not happen in the stock Music app, so I think maybe it has to do with the data Spotify is sending.  I can provide any pictures of this if necessary.

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I think this is a similar issue to this thread, which was closed without a good resolution:

Hi there @kanisama,


Thank you for your post here in the Community. We're happy to help.


This is based on how the car software handles connected apps and this is expected in most models.


Artwork display is only supported with built-in Spotify integrations with specific cars or with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


We hope that this information was helpful.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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Hi Jeremy, I appreciate the response. But I am having some trouble understanding it. You're saying this issue happens in many ("most") cars, meaning cars of many different manufacturers and software vendors, and they have all independently arrived at creating the same bug related to album art in the same situations? And that this isn't in any way caused by Spotify or something Spotify can fix? It's possible I am misunderstanding your answer, so please correct me or provide some extra clarification if you are able.

Also, they still regularly update the firmware for my car. Are you saying I should contact the vendor and there is some way they will be able to fix this? Keeping in mind that the Apple Music app album art function works perfectly over USB, I am nearly positive they will come back to me and say that Spotify is the issue, and that the car is working with the information it is sent over the cable.

Hi again @kanisama,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


That's right - this is expected for Spotify in many cars and it can vary across apps, as they're different (that's why it may work with Apple Music). This only works as expected in systems with built-in Spotify integration and with CarPlay and Android Auto.


You could try contacting your vendor for more info but we can't guarantee or know for sure when or if this will be fixed for your specific car.


We hope this clears things up. We'll be right here in case you need anything else.



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I have submitted a bug report to my car's software vendor, who releases their next software update next week, and I will reply back here if they respond to me with any information.

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