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Alphabetize Spotify Friends

Alphabetize Spotify Friends

I use Spotify quite a bit, and much of that use is sharing with individuals whom I know would like to hear more music.  I can't figure out for the life of me why they aren't alphabetized in the system...?  Even when I touch the letter on the left, it seems to only organize people by the second letter of their first name, and the letters after that are completely disregarded.  This is insane.  I love the core concept of Spotify, but there are several places in which Spotify has completely dropped the ball.  


Also, the Spotify user community should be more accessible.  There should be profiles for everyone that has an account, and they should be easier to find, especially those who don't have Facebook profiles.  


I love you, Spotify, but sometimes I think you're very poorly managed. 

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Hi there,


Welcome to the community! You have some good ideas for sure. I would copy this over to the "Spotify Ideas" and see what you can find out from there. Oftentimes there are forum moderators that are able to help implement the ideas.


Hope that helps!

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