App doesn't recognize my Premium account on my iPhone


App doesn't recognize my Premium account on my iPhone

Since the last update my Spotify App on my iPhone doesn't recognize my Premium account anymore. On my Mac it still says I have a Premium account.


I can log in on the app, search music, but when I press a song, I get a new screen that says it's Premium material and that you need a Premium account to listen to this song. 


I monthly pay 9,99, but it just doesn't work!!


Please give me a solution soon or I will stop using Premium!


Gr. Michiel

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Hi Beffjaxter,


At the moment your 'jeff.baker' doesn't have any payment details. It's possible you created a duplicate account and upgraded that account instead. Did you receive an email receipt after upgrading? 


If not all you need to do is upgrade via your subscription page. Please be sure to log in with your 'jeff.baker' username. 

Meredith, I am having a similar problem, can you fix it for me?  Thanks Matt


Mbhoronberger-- Your case is a bit different.


You've just made a duplicate account on our system. All you need to do is log out and log back in with your 'mbhornberger' username (not your email address).


For more info please check out this main thread

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I tried that.  Now both my mobile and my desktop account are not premium.  Do you mind e-mailing me? 


I've upgraded my spotify account to premium yesterday and still can't access my playlists on my Android phone. I've logged in with my spotify username not an email address. Can someone please help?

Hi Hannes1- Welcome to the Community.

There's an email on its way to you now--keep an eye out for us.

So I have the same issue, I have attempted to see if i have a duplicate login, but I cannot find it. I tried the device login and password, it and the facebook login, both show me my play lists, but they are unable to be played. This is a real bother, becaues I completely love Spotify. Help Please!

Hi Metakorn23- Welcome to the Community!


I've just taken a look and it seems you're on our Unlimited subscription. A Premium subscription is required to use Spotify on your iPhone or other mobile device (iTouch, iPad etc). You can upgrade your account right away from your subscription page


For more info on our subscriptions, head on over to our overview page

I am having the same problem with my app failing to recognize my premium account. I don't know if I accidentally created a "double-account", I just know that I can't stream music on my iphone 😞

Hi! Have the same problem, my iphone tell that I have no premium access. Since two days ago. Is there something I can do? I have deleted the app and installed once again, but without any success. Thanks in advance/ Magnus, Sweden

My account is emp765 and my laptop spotify I cool but can't play anything on iPhone app if there is anything you could do I'd be grateful



I've the same problem with my account. Upgraded yesterday but no access to playlists...


Please help!!



Same issue - forced upgrade, then no playlists. Tried to use your support page, which just times out. Fix this. It's absurd that premium customers have no app access. And maybe don't force us to upgrade once a month cause Facebook figured out another way to raid privacy.

Same here. Already a premium member. Upgraded app on iOS (iPhone & iPad) exactly same problem as reported above. Login to Spotify on iOS, no playlists, saying I'm on a free trial. Email sent to support. No response. Tweet sent on twitter. No response. Absolutely awful customer support.

emp765 - Seems like you've managed to log in now, still having issues? 


grahamb2020 - Just checked your account, doesn't appear to be anything wrong. Should be fine when you log in using "grahamb2020" as your username, as opposed to an email address.

kmcass - Same here, your subscription seems to be in order. You should log in using "kmcass" as your username, and should be fine.

dikjones - Try using "dikjones" when logging in - Premium seems to be active here too.

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Hi, I am having exactly the same issue - my username is dan777edelstyn, that's how I log into my iphone - it works fine on laptop but not at all on iphone.. Says I need premium, and I now have a receipt to show I am paying my fees.. please help?

Hey I have the same issue on my iPhone. Registered for spotify premium on pc but hasn't recognized on my phone. Can u help pls?
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Hi dan777edelstyn & MattyChan- Right now you're both on our Unlimited subscription. This gives you unlimited streaming on your laptop, but a Premium subscription is needed to stream on your phone.


You can upgrade to Premium easily via your subscription page. For more information about our subscription options, please check out this page of our website. 



I am having the same problem, just upgraded to premium and it is not recognising on iphone or ipad,


I am useless with technology so any help is appreciated

Rubbish- According to our records your Premium subscription has gone through successfully. Could you please try signing out and signing back in using your Spotify username (not your email). 


If you're still receiving Spotify Free please let me know--thanks!

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