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App doesn't save podcast episodes filter

App doesn't save podcast episodes filter

I don't want to see every episode for a specific podcast.  I'm crusing down the road and I want to choose a podcast, see ONLY the ones I haven't listened to, select one and go. So, I select the All Episode button, choose "Unplayed" and it filters perfectly.  I see no new episodes exist, so I go to a different podcast.'s the catch.  When you go back to that podcast you've reapplied the "All Episodes" filter.  Ugghh!!!


Please save that setting.  Otherwise I have no easy way to determine if there are episodes I haven't listened to.  Maddening.

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I have same issue. Aynyone know if it has been updated or a work around?

Any further updates here?

Seriously! I have the same issue. Would love to see a feature to select I played as my default for all podcasts.

Hey folks,


Thanks for bringing your feedback to us 🙂

I searched for a similar idea in the Idea Exchange, but I wasn't able to find one.


If you like, you can go ahead and submit your own idea for this - you can read up on how to do that here.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions.

I don’t think I have used a podcast app that did not provide this basic feature.  This isn’t something already on your roadmap?

Ridiculous - embarrassing they pay All this money for exclusive pods and can’t even fix this simple issue!

Im so glad that this has been mentioned , I too have found this maddening . Why would anyone want to see every podcast whether played or unplayed, everytime they enter to listen? its not efficient and frankly a little overwhelming . This basic functionality seems to be standard in other podcast apps , so wondering why Spotify is choosing to go another route. Please Spotify give us the opportunity to save filter settings and make a good experience into an exemplary one.

Here it is, 2022.  Almost four years after this thread was started and this issue still remains.  I've started using Spotify for my podcasts instead of Apple Podcast and I immediately run into this bug.


I can set the filter to show only unplayed and it works.  But when I leave the podcast and come back into it, all the podcasts are displayed again.  The filter doesn't save.  This is a major bug with seemingly a simple fix.


Can we get this fixed?

November and still there…

Still an issue drives me nuts also have the issue where if i am listining to say episode 5 of 12 it wants to jump and play episode 12 after 5 and then 11 etc rather than in proper order.

I’ve created an idea post to have this issue resolved. Please vote for it here:


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