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“Appears On” feature gone


“Appears On” feature gone

Can someone explain what is happening? I’m a growing artist and I have a featured artist on a song, but it’s not getting a lot of plays because the “appears on” feature is wiped! I’m sure this is disabling listeners and artists. Spotify please bring this back. This is insane!!


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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


The relevant team has got back to us to confirm that this is an intended change.


We understand that this will mean that some of you will continue missing this feature. The reasons for the change all have to do with how Appears On works and is generated.


For the time being, it will not be available on all Artist profiles nor for all users, but we're always testing new things in order to improve Spotify, so this could change in the future.


Thanks again!

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Did Spotify recently update so that the artists "features" are organized by popularity now instead of my release date in the Appears On category? I was trying to make a list of all the features related to that artists but now they're all scrambled.


Why the fuuu would you mess with the Appears On in the app version. It's all fu**ked up now. What's the problem with it showing the latest appearences, it's so logical. These annoying changes are pushing me towards Apple Music, please just change it back. 






Hey folks, 


Thanks for reporting this to us!


First, could you confirm that you're not able to see Appears On anywhere on the artist's profile (the feature normally appears at the bottom, or a few scrolls up from the bottom)?


If so, then make sure to click +VOTE and provide us with the following info:

  • your device + OS version
  • the exact Spotify version

Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




"Appears on" is still scrambled and not sorted by release date. Both on desktop and on mobile version (android), which is updated.

This is HORRIBLE! If this is not fixed I have no choice but to find a different service. This is how I easily see if my fav artists has something new. I cant be bothered to scan through all the releases every time.

Hey there folks,


We've seen some additional reports that you're still having troubles seeing "Appears On" in the mobile and desktop app.


We've passed this on to our tech teams so that they can look into it.


If you're still experiencing this, make sure to add your +VOTE and let us know the following details of the affected device(s):

  • device and OS version 
  • exact Spotify version 
  • screenshot of how it looks

We'll keep you posted here, thanks again!

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I'm still having that issue.

Device: Moto G6

OS: Android

Android version: 9 (pie)

Spotify version:




iPhone X, iOS 13.4.1




“Appears On” section completely missing and has been for over a month. It’s hurting artists and disabling listeners from discovering more music. Should’ve been fixed ages ago.




  •  iPhone XR and iOS 12.4.1
  • Spotify version


The “appears on” section has been missing for a month or two at this point, and it has immensely affected how I listen to and discover new artists on Spotify to the point of considering the cancellation of my premium membership.

Why should I keep paying for a service that has been removing more and more of its best features (especially recently) while still expecting I continue paying the same amount for less? 



Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System: Android version 10

Spotify Version:

Issue: "Appears On" feature is missing.


I just did a fresh reinstall, still no "appears on" section. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!! 🙃

Still seeing no “appears on” page. iPhone X, iOS 13.4.1, Spotify 8.5.57, just updated and reinstalled. Hoping this gets fixed soon, this was the only possible way to find certain collaboration albums 

Same issue as others. I am an artist with a big release today on a label compilation, and I can’t even see my own song from mobile. No “Appears On” section for any artists.


iPhone XR

iOS 13.4.1

Spotify 8.5.57

I am missing the appears on section as well unfortunately. Love that feature 

Device: iPhone XR 

OS Version: 13.4.1

Spotify version:





I still see no "appears on" section in artist pages. If this is intentional, it's an extremely silly decision. 


device and OS version: iPhone 7, iOS 13.4.1

exact Spotify version:


This feature has been missing on mobile (iOs and Android) for well over a month now. I just checked the desktop apps (Mac and Windows) today and they're magically gone there as well. What shame Spotify has done this. Great feature and really helped out smaller artists. I guess all Spotify cares about are their curated playlists now. I'll probably move to another service if this isn't back soon.

Yea seriously still no update from this?...


It’s ridiculous how little they seem to care about this issue and the mass amount of feedback saying to bring it back for over a month.


I agree with many of the others on here about needing to find another music service if issues like this persist.

Jeez. As a premium user, I'm starting to feel like I'm paying for DOWNGRADES and LITTLE TO NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! What is going on?


Please fix this issue asap so I don't have to cancel my membership. Restore APPEARS ON!

WTH. Now "Appears On" is missing from the desktop app as well. I literally use that one feature nearly every visit. Why has there been no explanation from Spotify regarding the removal of this feature?!

It’s been too long at this point with horrible customer service and no updates on if this is ever coming back or not. If someone could please find another streaming service with this feature i’ll gladly switch at this point. I’m tired of spotify’s bad customer service anyway and am ready to move on to something new that actually listens to paying users

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