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“Appears On” feature gone


“Appears On” feature gone


Can someone explain what is happening? I’m a growing artist and I have a featured artist on a song, but it’s not getting a lot of plays because the “appears on” feature is wiped! I’m sure this is disabling listeners and artists. Spotify please bring this back. This is insane!!

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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


The relevant team has got back to us to confirm that this is an intended change.


We understand that this will mean that some of you will continue missing this feature. The reasons for the change all have to do with how Appears On works and is generated.


For the time being, it will not be available on all Artist profiles nor for all users, but we're always testing new things in order to improve Spotify, so this could change in the future.


Thanks again!


That’s not a solution. 

is it coming back?

So when is spotify planning on bringing this feature back?

So, after months of being told we should sign out, delete our app, reinstall and sign back in, because this was a glitch, now it's finally being admitted that this feature is being removed?

It's obviously a well-liked feature, evident by all of the comments in this thread as well as other threads on this site. It's disappointing to know that Spotify does not care about the thoughts and ideas of how to best use this product that they pay for.

It is also disappointing to see that Spotify does not care about the artists that host their music on their platform, as the "Appears On" section opened so many avenues for fans to hear every piece of work an artist has released, especially when featured on an album from another artist or a compilation album.

I personally listen to quite a lot of compilation albums, and now I won't be able to find them on Spotify. I will be moving to another platform.

Except this is not an improvement. Why was it taken away?

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It's not a solution and I don't like it.
How do we go full Karen and speak to someone who makes decisions?

If this was an intended change, then why ask everyone for versions and screenshots for over a month? I talked to and they put me through multiple troubleshooting steps in an attempt to get the feature working again.


As others have mentioned, removing this feature harms artists. When I pull up my favorite vocalists or artists who are often featured on compilations, several tracks are now missing entirely from their artist page. They only appear if they're in the top 5 or 10 most played songs. The only way to find those tracks now is if you type out their name in the search bar and browse by song. This is a significantly worse user experience. Needless to say, I've canceled my Spotify Premium.


This is really terrible. As a record label and artist manager, it is unacceptable to lose this feature.


Typical Spotify smh. Y'all make no sense. Never have. I see nothing's changed in the app development department. Should be embarrassed. What reason could you possibly have for removing this feature? You guys will inevitably add it back in 5 years like it's some amazing feature. *Ahem* the liked songs limit it took you 5 years to remove.


Hey everyone heres a useful website for transferring all your playlists to Tidal Spotify evidently doesn't belief in democracy with these forums and voting, so I'm voting with my dollar. Join me




Thank you so much for the update.


Could you please send feedback to the relevant team that the "Appears On" feature is necessary for a complete user experience?  If it is not possible to keep it, then there needs to be a replacement feature that will allow users to view an artist page, and see all the albums they appear on. 


This is a critical function for browsing and discovering new music in many genres:

  • Musical Theatre - most musical theatre soundtracks and cast albums have performances by several different artists.  Most of them will only appear on certain tracks.  It is important to be able to find all the cast albums that one artist is on, without having to go elsewhere, like Wikipedia or the internet musical theater database.
  • Classical - It is extremely common for classical albums to contain works by more than one composer.  It is also common for the performers on a classical album to be different for the different tracks.  Both composers and performers are tagged as "artists," and it's important to be able to browse by either one, and to see all the albums they appear on.  Classical fans that like a certain composer, like Eric Whitacre, want to find all the works by that composer.  And new works will often show up as one track on an album that contains works by several other composers.  
  • Popular music, with remixes and collaborations - others have mentioned how important this is to them as listeners and as artists.  I don't need to explain it further here.

One of the reasons that I love using Spotify is that they have a very large library of classical and classical choral music.  But if I'm no longer able to browse by artist in order to find that music, then the value of Spotify's library is lessened.  A positive and enjoyable music discovery experience happens with a combination of a robust search feature, together with an extensive and accurate browsing feature.  Either one on its own is not enough.  Please take this feedback: the users want a replacement "Appears On" feature, so that we may continue to use Spotify's services.


Thank you




Y'all have been making paying customers jump through hoops to try to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling AND NOW, THREE MONTHS LATER YOU ADMIT THE CHANGE WAS INTENTIONAL?!?




Wow, what a massive middle finger this is...

It's insane how blatantly Spotify will a) not explain any of their choices to remove heavily used features and b) ignore the wants of its heaviest users. wth are ya'll doing!? You need to hire better people.

I mean seriously! It's as if the devs don't even use Spotify... I find it impossible to believe that you could use Spotify and not have a use for the "Appears On" section.... It's undoubtedly a necessary functionality of the app.


I still don't understand what the actual problem was with the feature?



- shows all songs featured by an artist that weren't directly distributed by the artist

- unobtrusive, sitting at the very bottom of the artist page

- unbiased, completing the artist's entire Spotify discography

- functioned perfectly fine, no glitches in my experience with it

- helped users find similar artists by listening through compilation albums



- ???

Hey All! I made a post in the Idea Exchange to bring this feature we all want back! Make sure to vote for it and share, since that seems to be the only way to maybe get through to Spotify!


gBasgaard... link says idea not found, fyi. 

Yeah as soon as I posted it, it was marked as spam.... I messaged a moderator and am waiting to hear back. Something smells fishy to me.


Yeah, Spotify is being extra shady lately. I've had an easier time dealing with AT&T which says a lot because AT&T are notoriously bad.


How the once great have fallen! ☠

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