Apple Watch App with Offline Playlists


Apple Watch App with Offline Playlists


Hey Guys,


pls tell us about your plans for publishing an stand alone App for the Apple Watch.


I‘d like to go running only with my Apple Watch and bluetooth Headphones, listen to Offline Playlists, so i can leave my Phone at home.


Pls tell us, so we can plan with it or without it.




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Re: Apple Watch App with Offline Playlists


2 years later this still seems impossible. 
I bought the Apple Watch mainly to stop carrying my phone and go to the gym with only the watch and a pair of bluetooth headphones. 
When does Spotify plans to make this happen? 

Re: Apple Watch App with Offline Playlists

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On a Spotify website dedicated to listing unfair Apple behavior, Spotify says they are working on offline functionality for their Apple Watch app.


The wording has been there for over a year so far so no promises if this feature will come. No release date mentioned.


"September 2018

Apple finally allows enhanced functionality for the Spotify app on the Apple Watch

With Watch OS 5, Apple allowed the Spotify team to start developing offline functionality"