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Artist within a playlist search function not working.

Artist within a playlist search function not working.

I am trying to filter my own created playlist on the iOS version of the spotify app. I only want to listen to all the songs I have by a certain artist in my playlists. When I go to my playlists and tab over to the artist section it does not bring up all the artists that are within my playlists. It only shows me reccommened artists based on my playlists. Some of these artists that it is recommending are artists already within my playlists. By adding these artists it is making me "follow" them by default and shows some if not all the songs I have by those artists in my playlists. However alot of the artists that are in my playlists are not showing up at all even if I search for them. Is it mandatory that I have to follow an artist just to listen to songs only by them? Also why are bands I am searching in which I have 20 or more songs by in a playlist (ex. "The Verve") not showing up in the search function at all? I have the most up to date application on my iPhone and I am a premium member as well.

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Hey @DHughez,


Thanks for reaching out. Searching under playlist has changed since the last update. To search, you should use the three-dot menu under the playlist screen and then use the search bar to search for your desired artist.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.




So when I go to a created playlist of my own I see at the top a filter search bar. I now can search for only the artist specific songs within that playlist which is great. However will there ever be an option to only play those songs that I searched for? When I select the song it still plays it in the same order configuration that the playlist was made.

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