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Audi - have to reload Spotify every time

Audi - have to reload Spotify every time


Hi there


I used to have a Golf and every time I got in my car, Spotify would start to play. Sometimes, when I got back in the vehicle after an extended time, it would say no media then  I usually just flicked from the radio to media and boom - it started playing again.


Now I have an Audi. *Occassionally* when I get in the car Spotify will pick up from where I left off, but 99% of the time I have to reload it. No amount of switching between media will solve it.


I have an iPhone 6 but it was happening on the 5 as well. This is all via Bluetooth.


It is very frustrating as I end up having to reshuffle songs rather than resuming where I was.


Does anyone else experience this or have any workaround?


To clarify, I would just like Spotify to resume where I left off when I get back in the car.


Thanks a lot!

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