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Automatically Playing Only One Album

Automatically Playing Only One Album

Iphone X/IOS 10/Premium

My Question or Issue

My spotify today is automatically playing an album by an artist I do not follow, have never searched, and never listened to. Every time I try to change the song, it goes right back to the album and will not allow me to play any of the songs I want to listen to. I tried clearing the queue, it just glitches and readds the whole album again. I tried just listening through one song then playing my music. Same thing happens—it glitches then replays the album. I tried logging out/changing my password/logging back in. I also tried deleting the app and redownloading it, clearing the cache, and logging off all my devices. Nothing worked.

Please help this album is awful to listen to and I had to listen to my apple music on the way to work. It was TERRIBLE.

4 Replies

Hey @sking102030,


Welcome to the Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out about this here. 


Sorry to hear about what you've experienced. 


Just to confirm, since you mentioned an iPhone X in the additional info attached to your post, are you also able to reproduce the issue if you log into your account with a different device?


Double-checking since you also briefly mentioned you have other devices (as you said you logged out of all of them) and I thought it'd be helpful to see whether you already tried to replicate the issue across them.


We'll look out for your reply so we can stay with you on this!

Mario Moderator
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I don’t use any other device to listen to Spotify. It does keep saying that
I am listening on Chrome web player but I am not. It does let me queue
songs to play after the entire album but I cannot click on songs to play.

My Spotify app did update last night so I am thinking it is a glitch with
their new update.


Okay, I just logged onto my laptop and tried it via the webplayer on Chrome. It is doing the same thing. 

I ended up chatting with support on the Spotify website (they have a chat
service). They told me it looked like something weird was happening so they
locked my account and reset my password. I recommend doing that!! It hasn’t
happened since they fixed it.

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