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Battery Drain on iPhone 7 and X

Battery Drain on iPhone 7 and X


Spotify still has not fixed this issue or even admited to it. iOS 12 does not fix. So its a full fledged spotify issue. I hope to be refunded for the cost of sending in my phone to be checked to ensure it wasnt my phone, and also for every month this bug is there.


This is absolute garbage that they refuse to acknowledge this.


Been a subscriber since the beginning yet treated like trash.

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What provider are you using for service (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile)?

I'm having the exact same problem, with Spotify consuming 48% of my battery for the last 24 hours, even when my Amazon Echo is the device playing music and therefore requires no phone data at all.


This is absolutely ridiculous and I've tried reinstalling the app multiple times over the last week. I am seriously considering switching to Apple Music because of this issue. 

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