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Battery drain on iPhone

Battery drain on iPhone




United States


iPhone 15 pro

Operating System

iOS 17.0.3

Spotify version


My Question or Issue


I just recently got an iPhone 15 pro. At night I like to play some noise through Spotify to sleep. I noticed that playing through my phone speaker caused overheating and significant battery drain. Without being plugged in, I lost 40% in about an hour. While plugged in to a 5W charger, the phone will not charge past 65% even when plugged in all night. After turning off Spotify, it will charge past 65%. I listen to music through my headphones during the day and the drop does not seem nearly that significant.


My wife just recently got the same phone (although her's is 256 GB and mine is 1 TB) and she does not have the same problem. 


As far as troubleshooting, I have tried turning on and off background refresh in the settings and the problem is still present. I have also followed the directions provided by a Spotify chat agent to uninstall and reinstall Spotify to the phone. This also was unsuccessful in resolving the problem. 


Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? 

Does anyone have any recommendations to fix? 

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In the last few weeks my iPhone 14 started consuming battery excessively.  I normally could use it all day with no noticeable effect.  Now down to 20% by noon...  Also it won't charge past 80% while playing.

iPhone 14

IOS 16.6

Spotify app 8.8.81


I was able to resolve the issue, by using the Clean reinstall method of uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify App.

Thanks to the Facebook support group.

I'm experiencing the same with my iPhone 15 Pro running 17.0.3. I mainly listen to Spotify via a Bluetooth headset while working. 
Since I've gotten my new phone, I've experienced it running very hot while playing spotify in the background. Right now I'm sitting here with a burning hot prhon. The battery menu states that Spotify has consumed 53% of the battery after playing music in the background for 3 hours - that is 3 hours of screen off time with  Spotify being the only app that's running. 
I've not had any prior issues with Spotify playing in the background all day, on my iPhone 12 pro. That was even with plenty on battery to spare by the end of the day. 

Spotify version 8.8.86 fixed this for me.

(Could not reproduce it since the update, I'll update the thread if it happens again)






iPhone 15 Pro Max

Operating System

iOS 17.1.2


My Question or Issue

My iPhone has had fantastic battery life since I purchased it a month ago however the battery has been draining significantly the last two days. I checked battery settings on my device and Spotify has contributed to 59% of the battery drain today (Widget and Background activity) and 38% yesterday. I listen to podcasts and focus music while at work and have a music sleep mask at night and have done this for at least the last year with no noticeable problems with battery.


I checked the App store today and it looks like the app updated 2 days ago which coincides with my battery draining problem. 



OP to this thread here: I am now on Spotify version with IOS 17.0.3 and the issue remains for me. I also listen to music with AirPods during the day and have not noticed tremendous decrease like I do at night while playing through the phone speaker.


Overall though, still experiencing a problem.

Hey @JDL2,


Thank you for keeping in contact.


Since this issue should have been fixed some updates ago and in order to continue investigating it, would you mind confirming if you've already performed a clean reinstall of the app on your device? We'd recommend this process as it clears all damaged cache and fixes possible corrupted files that might be affecting the proper behavior of the app.


If so and the issue persists, could you also include a screenshot where we can see the battery usage in the last 24-48 hours? This can be seen under Settings > Battery.


We'll be on the lookout.

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iPhone 15 Pro

Operating System

(iOS 17.2.1)


My Question or Issue

I’m on the latest Spotify version. The app is unusable especially when iPhone is in Low Power Mode. 
I listen to podcasts mainly. And after an hour, my iPhone battery is basically down to 50%. The phone is very warm. It lags when press Play/Pause. Very slow and glitchy all around. 

i’ve tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling. I check daily for a new Spotify update in the app store but looks like there hasnt been an update in over a month?

Thanks Oscar! I reached out to the Spotify Chat and the assistant sent me the steps to do a clean install which I followed on October 19th, but I still kept experiencing the issue. 


Here are a series of screenshots to show the drastic difference between when I use Spotify for white noise at night vs. not. I have included screenshots of several days of typical use (working out, listening at work, etc.). Then I put on White Noise Thursday night into Friday morning and you can see what happened to my battery usage:


Hey @JDL2,


Thanks for your report and for sharing the screenshots.


We can't give you an ETA for a fix, so in the meantime please make sure to keep your Spotify app up to date.



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It's absolutely destroying my battery. Background activity is mainly from Spotify. 5h19m active on background. Take responsibility and ix your stuff Spotify



Is it just me, or has there not been an app update in like almost 2 months now..


My battery and phone are beinf pushed to the limits whenever i use Spotify to the point where i cant even use it now. 

iPhone 13 Pro, Spotify Version 8.9.6

Spotify updated after iOS 17.3 came out and this problem mentioned by everyone above has not been resolved. I like all the others have suffered from over 50% battery usage by Spotify along with painful sluggishness moving around the app, loading new songs, and skipping in podcasts (problem also exists on desktop). If Spotify can’t get this fixed in a month or so I’m going to switch to another streaming provider because I’ve lost 3% battery health since this problem started.


Plan: Premium

Country: Germany

Device: iPhone 12 pro

Operating System: iOS 17.2

App version:


My Question or Issue

Since a couple of weeks I am noticing drastically increased battery drain (iOS is reporting Spotify as responsible for more than 70% of battery drain through the night) while:

1. Spotify app is running in the background with background data enabled

2. Spotify app is actively playing music or podcasts


Both issues are independent from each other and battery drain is happening also (point 2.) when background data is disabled in iOS settings.


Up to now I have tried:

- removing all data and cache

- reinstalling the app completely 

- disabling background data.


Any ideas how to solve or diagnose the situation?


Hey folks!


Thank you for all the reports 🙂

This is being looked into. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know anything new.
Cheers 🙌🏼

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Hey there folks,

We've checked with the team and we wanted to confirm if you're still experiencing issues with this?


If so, could you try updating the app by following the steps here to see if it makes any difference, as a new update recently got released.

Should no updates appear, you can also double-check the app status in App Store. Another option is doing a clean reinstall, which will ensure that you're running the latest version.


Keep us posted.

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I can confirm that the problem is not resolved with the new update and performing a clean reinstall. I am still experiencing over 50% battery usage (iOS Battery settings showing it as “background activity”).

Hi @hrdcore_prkour97,


Thanks for the reply. We'll forward this and investigate further. Can you confirm the app version you are currently using?



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