Behind the Lyrics changed for no reason. UI changed for no reason.


Behind the Lyrics changed for no reason. UI changed for no reason.






United Kingdom


iPod Touch 6th Generation.

Operating System

iOS 12.

My Question or Issue

Spotify has been changing the app experience for the last year without any knowledge or consent. First, in November, the app experience went from this: unnamed.png

To this: unnamed.jpg


If you can see closely, "Behind the Lyrics" is bleeding out the top and the whole thing just does not look as pretty as it used to with picture 1.


Baffled, I immediately contacted support, hoping for a solution. After a few minutes, I was told it was a part of a "new update" and that they would fix it. However, they never did, I kept complaining about the issue and I got the same result. 

Until a few months ago, which changed the Spotify app again, to this: IMG_5467 (1).jpg

I tried to live with this update but decided that the old experience was better, so I contacted Spotify support multiple times and they said they would give my suggestion to their team. I am an Alpha tester, I`ve even emailed them with the details and yet they haven`t replied to that yet.


But I`ve had enough. I don`t want to be a Guinea Pig to their testing, especially when £10 of hard working cash is being sent from me to them each month.


I`m heading on a study period between April-June. If Spotify fails to fix this issue by June, I will consider quitting. I am done sticking with a platform that gives no regard for user problems and issues.


I am done with holding on to a platform that uses its members as test dummies. I will consider a move to Apple Music, which (from what I can see) respects its UI and it also has all of the Jay-Z albums, something which Spotify lacks.


I may also consider moving to vinyl as a second music option, as vinyl can play songs that are better than CD. Spotify, on the other hand, has refused to offer FLAC support despite everyone wanting this feature. This shows Spotify`s lack of implementation for an actually useful feature.


I hope I can get a reply soon.