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Can't change the track using in car controls

Can't change the track using in car controls

Hey all,


I updated to the newest version of Spotify mobile app for iOS.

I connect my iPhone to the USB port in my Fiat 500 running Blue&Me

I have buttons on my steering wheel that normally allow me to skip back and forward to the next track, these are no longer working with Spotify.


Is anyone else having this issue?

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I have a 2012 BMW with NAVI, Bluetooth and iPhone4 in original BMW phone adapter.

My car, have the latest multimedia update from BMW (UPD01005), my iPhone4 have iOS 6.0.1 and I use Spotify App (no other apps installed)


When I start Spotify the music plays fine and title info and cover art are displayed in the NAVI screen. The track numbers that are displayed are from iPhones Music App. And I cannot skip tracks with iDrive buttons or buttons on steering wheel. They link to iPhones Music App as well. So if I push Next or Prev, Spoyify stops and the next/prev track will be played from iPhones Music App. It seems like the Music App auto starts when the phone is connected with the car adapter or USB.

If I remove the iPhone from the adapter and use it with Bluetooth all buttons work fine, and title info and track number is displayed correct in the NAVI display. Only drawback, there is no cover art.

But this seems like the best solution for now.


So my question is: Is there a way to get steering wheel and/or iDrive buttons to work with Spotify when the phone is in the car adapter or connected to USB?

My colleague has the exact same experience with this 2011 Toyota Highlander. Bluetooth works fine as expected, but USB is problematic with the Music app continually butting in.

Just to further clarify, the issue I have reported earlier is NOT releated to a Bluetooth connection, instead I'm referring to a connection using the standard BMW ipod cable (which has a normal iPhone cable on one side, while the other side has USB & AUX connections) 

I have the same problem with my Alpine iDA-x305 car stereo. I can no longer use the in-car controls to control Spotify.


It used to work so well! I hope Spotify can fix this ASAP. I'm sure many users like to listen to music in their car!


I'm running the IOS 6.0.1 and Spotify app and core

I can now confirm it is indeed the latest Spotify App Version that has caused this defect. This is how I can confirm:


I have 2 identical iPhone 4S handsets (both running the iOS6.1). One iphone has Spotify version, while the other has Spotify version


I've tested both in my BMW / Mini Cooper.


Version has all the issues described earlier


Version works PERFECTLY!!!


Can anyone tell me if / how I can download the old Spotify iOS version (i.e. Version 0.5.8?) PLEASE!!!

I've had the same issues you report for months spanning several updates with my 2011 Legacy, plugged in via USB.


I'm not holding my breath that it'll be fixed any time soon, they've been struggling to fix the repeating song radio station bug for months now.

For what it's worth, the steering wheel and radio controls on my FIAT 500 with Blue&Me are indeed working with the current version of Spotify.

I hope there is a fix or workaround for this issue. 


At the moment I play music using Bluetooth connection but controls to next  and previous songs don't work. 




A solution could be to download an earlier version while jailbroken. Did anyone try that yet?

Bump yet again -_-


I've tried 0.5.5, 0.5.6, 0.5.9, and 0.5.10 and they all dont work with my Honda Accord. Can someone upload their 0.5.8 IPA file? Or even better, CAN SPOTIFY FIX THIS ISSUE?


Hours wasted

not sure if its iOS7 or the new Spotify Version but I can't no longer control tracks with in car controls. 



This is huge for me as  I'm a true believe in hands free driving, I've tried removing and installing the app but still no luck. 


Spotify, couild this be fixed, as in it was working before?

@makc52 - For in-car iOS 7 issues, head over to this bugs topic where the team are gathering details. 



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Yeah I just got a 2014 Mini coupe and I was excited that it comes with an ipod cable, but I can't use spotify in the steering wheel or display. would deeply apreciate if they fixed that problem. 



i´ve a Audi A6 4F 2010 with MMI 3G. Spotify Trackinformation or control over the steering weel or the MMI doesn´t work 😞


Not over direct USB connection or Bluetooth streming. It always change back to the Ipod app 😞 

@manuon and @kesnault - If you could add your details to the bugs topic I linked to above that would really help the devs out 😉 



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Same issue in my Hyundai. In fact it doesn't work at all as the system says the device is not connected. Worked fine before latest update. Using iOS 7.0.3 on iPhone 5S.

@orion747 - This is a known issue, there is a bug report topic about it here and the developers are working on it. 

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I have taken delivery of a 2014 VW CC with the RCD-315 stereo, and i cannot access any play lists, but worst thing is i cant skip tracks forward or backwards. Even my Nissan Qashqai could skip tracks. Seems i have gone back wards my self.


To make matters worse i cant get a playlist from the music on the ipod either on the 315 system.


Oh im using a iTouch 4th gen with all updates on ios6, and latest spotify.


Might have to use a SD card as high tech is too much for VW RCD-315 stereo.


Any one wanna buy a 32GB itouch 4th Gen as its useless to me with new car

Just installed the spotify update on my iphone 5. I connect via bluetooth to my VW sound system. The car controls are working but with a hugh delay, 3-4 seconds. This includes displaying track details on the car screen, swithching tracks and even turning off the device. On turning off the phone swithes to its own speakers prior to spotify stopping playing. This all worked perfectly prior to the upgrade and the upgrade is the only thing to have changed.

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