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Can't change the track using in car controls

Can't change the track using in car controls

Hey all,


I updated to the newest version of Spotify mobile app for iOS.

I connect my iPhone to the USB port in my Fiat 500 running Blue&Me

I have buttons on my steering wheel that normally allow me to skip back and forward to the next track, these are no longer working with Spotify.


Is anyone else having this issue?

44 Replies

I drive 2013 Dodge Dart with 8.4" UConnect touch screen with NAV and Sirius, no matter what it won't recognize spotify if you want to use it, only bluetooth but I can't use 2 different devices, since my phone synced for calls.... I think I might just cancel my subscription and start using old mp3 files 


Same issue. However, this worked just a week ago when I was using an Android device. I recently switched to an iPhone and the controls no longer work. May not have switched had I known!

Same problem here with my iphone 5S and also with my SE.


The app is almost useless without the steeringwheel control!


Car: BMW X1 (Model 2016)

I am having the same issue on our 2016 Mini Cooper. The steering control won't work on my iPhone or my partners android devices. This if frustrating as it used to work.

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