Can't conect to Facebook

Can't conect to Facebook

Every time i tried to connect with facebook in the spotify app it returns to the same app and nothing happens, i also tried into the spotify web page and it pops a message that i should tried later
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Hi there and welcome to the community,


Have you tried using a different browser or incognito mode with cleaned cookies/cache?

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Yes i already tried that but it doesn'work, i don't know if it has to be because i created my first acount with other mail and liked it with facebook

Yes i even use other computer but i simply can't connect my acount with facebook

Hey @Benjamin92,


Looks like you might have a duplicate Spotify account. It's best if you can get in touch with the Support team either via email or Twitter.


Hope that helps 🙂

I already tried to contact with support but i always get answers from the comunity =(

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