Can't share songs via Spotify iMessage app

Can't share songs via Spotify iMessage app






iPhone 6s

Operating System

IOS 12.4.6


My Question or Issue

When ever I open the app in iMessage, it doesn't open but shows a blank, white screen. Sometimes, the Spotify icon will show, but the search bar and my recent songs never show up, I've waited up to 10 min, and still nothing ever shows. In addition, I tried my other in app iMessage apps, they all work, this is the only one that doesn't. I've tried rebooting my phone, deleting the app and redownloading it again, but nothing works, any help?


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having exact the same problem with iphone 6 and both iOS 12.4.6 and iOS 12.3.1. when I tap the spotify button the slider goes half-screen up, the app icon appears for a moment. if I open the slider entirely there is nothing but the spotify entry at the top. but no launch. other apps (photos, app store, itunes e.g.) working flawlessly.


I can't imagine that nobody else encountered this problem.


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