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Can't sync Local files to iPhone - "waiting to download"


Can't sync Local files to iPhone - "waiting to download"

Hi! I've been having this issue for about a month now and it's so frustrating. 

I have a premium account and iPhone 5c. Over 1 gb of free space. I've tried everything that has been posted before, editing the files name, uninstalling the app in both, my computer (MacBook Air) and my phone, checked my wifi connection, clearing the caché, deleting the devices, etc.


I've created a new playlist with local files and i can play it on my computer, but on my phone they appear greyed out and once I press on the "available offline" button, it just gets stuck in "waiting to download" mode. Nothing else happens. I've reinstalled the app multiple times and the error persists. The only way of seeing the mp3 (although greyed out) is by creating a new playlist. The default Local Files playlist is remains empty. I have updated the app in both my computer and iPhone.




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Wow this actually worked. I've tried all 10 SOLVED posts and this did it!


I'm curious, did you have to do this everytime cause this is fine for awhile but not sure I want to sync 20 songs via cellular plan?

This solution worked for me, where others have failed. Many thanks.

Thank you, you beautiful human being!! Been struggling with this for so long!

Worked like a charm

This worked for me also, thanks for sharing this!

idk who you are or how you found out about this...but ive been trying to figure this out forever man. You telling the truth lol

Ive been searching for hours until i found this thread now i can enjoy my music. Thank you.

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