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'Cannot use Spotify Abroad' when I am ... not abroad

'Cannot use Spotify Abroad' when I am ... not abroad

Hey there,


I am a premium member (finding it annoying that I cannot speak to a Spotify rep whilst paying them for their service).


I first downloaded Spotify when I was in Germany. I couldn't get it to work properly, so I deleted it. Now I am back in Canada. I downloaded it and signed up for the Premium service. I changed my country from Germany to Canada. I can access Spotify no problem on my Mac. I -cannot- access it on my iPhone. I have deleted it, redownloaded continues to say: 'Login Failed. You can only use Spotify abroad for 14 days.' I cannot sync my iPhone and Mac without first signing into Spotify on my phone.

How do I fix this??? 


Many thanks

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Okay, second question. Is there a phone number for Spotify that I can call??

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