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Cant change volume level from quiet to loud


Cant change volume level from quiet to loud

I'm trying to change volume level on Iphone from quiet to loud. After pressing the "loud" option it seems like i did it, but after leaving the settings it switches back to guiet. No matter how many times i do that, it'll always switch back to quiet. Tried uninstalling the app, closing it, restarting my phone, nothing works...Can someone help?
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Iphone 12 (iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

on my app the playback selector quiet/normal/loud is stuck on quiet.  I'll change it to normal, but when I go back to settings, it's back on quiet.

Same problem here.

Same problem here. If I change the volume normalization setting to Normal then leave the settings section and then return to it to view the setting again, its set to Quiet. App version on iPhone 12 (iOS 17.4) which has the issue is

Same here. Iphone 14 pro with iOS 16.6, as well as an older iPhone being used as a dedicated music player. Very frustrating!

i'm having the same issue... it's insanely annoying because i'm the kind of person to put it at full blast 😭😭😭

Same here. iPhone 15 on iOS 17.4, spotify version is and volume level keeps returning on “quiet” after leaving the settings







iPhone 14

Operating System

iOS 17.0.3


My Question or Issue

There is an option in the Settings> Playback, which you can change the volume level either normal, quiet or loud. For some reason, my default setting is quiet and I can’t change it. When I click the other two , being normal or loud, nothing happens because when I leave the menu and again click the setting it still sits on quiet. 


Update. Checked on another iPhone 14. Still working correctly. But not with other older models.


I suspect this might have to do with an changed iOS function or a Spotify update that uses a call, that no longer is valid- possibly from iPhone updates/zero day hotfixes remotely applied. 

Same issue with my Spotify iPhone app. For audio normalization, when I select Normal or High, then back out of playback settings, then go back into playback settings, the selection always changes to Quiet. The tech asked me to delete Spotify cache, offload Spotify, delete Spotify, shut down my iPhone, then reinstall Spotify. This didn't work. Very frustrating.

I also am having this issue when will this be resolved? 

Same here 

It’s been 20 days since this post… Any update?


Plan Premium 

Country Australia



(iPhone 13)

Operating System

(iOS 17.4.1


My Question or Issue

Hi there, this is driving me to distraction a little, every time I stop Spotify on my iPhone its dropping from loud to quiet, there is no sound check feature on my iphone enabled, just a first world hassle to have to keep going into the Spotify app settings every single time, anyone else experiencing this or know of a fix?

i’m experiencing the same thing, also on iphone 13 and same ios version

still broken

I'm now having a related issue where every time I try to change the volume level to normal or loud the app just changes it back to quiet. Sometimes I can hear the change in sound from quiet->normal->quiet but most of the time there is no change at all in playback audio. Please help, my music sounds horrible 😭

Hi @Novy, thank you for your detailed bug tracking. As it’s been a couple weeks, any update on when this might be resolved?




Same thing happening to me, luckily im on the free trial so wont be subscribing afterwards if not fixed swiftly, far too quiet!

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Hi all, 


Thanks for your patience. 


We can confirm that the app version 8.9.26 will include a fix for this specific issue. Make sure to keep your app up to date and let us know how it goes once you're running this version. It starts rolling out April 2nd for iOS, and could take up to a week to reach everyone.


We'll be on the lookout!

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