CarPlay constantly crashing

CarPlay constantly crashing







iPhone 12 Pro

Operating System

iOS 14.2.1


I've recently moved from Apple Music to Spotify but think I'm going to have to move back.  Carplay is constanly crashing since installing the Spotify app.  I have tried performing a clean install after deleting the cache and restarting my iPhone before re-installing.  All with no success.
Is this a known issue at the moment??
Also why is there no songs option from the library with a toggle for downloaded music\podcasts?
Are any other users having similar issues?  CarPlay is not an issue with Apple Music.
Any help really appreciated!


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Hey @Kerryoaks,


Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts with the Community.


Good job on checking first whether or not a reinstall solves the issue, in most such cases it does. Just to confirm, you used the steps in this guide, right? We recommend the steps in that guide, as they’re very thorough and make sure no damaged leftover files remain.


If that doesn't fix things, it's a good idea to reinstall also CarPlay and update it to the latest version of the app. If the crashes continue, could you let us know if they come up at a specific moment ( e.g. when switching playlists, controlling the volume, etc.) or randomly? If you have the option it would help the troubleshooting a lot if you could borrow a friend or family members account and check if the behavior comes up there as well.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes. 

Mihail Moderator
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Hi Mihail


Thanks for responding.  I have since updated my iPhone to iOS v14.3.  I have used in the car for an hour and it has not crashed once.  While on iOS v14.2.1 it was unusable.  Contstantly crashing, especially if I switched the view to Now Playing.


Hopefully my case is a one off and the iOS upgrade has fixed the issue.  Just wanted to give an update.


Thanks again


Hey again @Kerryoaks,


Thanks for getting back to us and for keeping us in the loop.


We always recommend to keep both the Spotify app and your devices' OS up to date to ensure optimal performance.


If the issue comes up again, or if you need anything else, we're just a reply away.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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