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Chromecast support is pathetic

Chromecast support is pathetic

I'm using iPhone 5s / iOS 9.2, and my computer is running Windows 10. I have the new Chromecast with the floppy cord. Every device is on the same wireless network. 



  • If I am listening to music on my phone, and arrive at home, I do not see any devices in Spotify. If I close Spotify forcefully, and reopen, it finds them.
  • When I try to cast music from Spotify to Chromecast, two problems happen every time:
    • The Spotify app loading screen appears on my TV for a long time, then my phone will stop trying to connect.
    • The Spotify app will start playing my music, then stop playing.
    • I have to retry usually around 5-6 times to get it to work properly...
  • Now, my computer does not notice if Spotify is playing on my TV

Guys, these were never problems a few months ago. Now, it happens literally every day. This is one of the most frustrating bugs I've ever encountered, and for an app I pay for this is extremely vexing. I don't recall if it happened after an update or not.


I'm going to leave Spotify soon if this isn't resolved. Can you imagine it taking 5 minutes of activity to cast your music to your TV? So annoying it's pointless.


Also, for what it's worth, I haven't noticed this problem with other apps.

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I just noticed this on the right hand pane:

"Please bear in mind that the Community is not an official Spotify support service. It's a place where we all help each other, whether we work for Spotify or not."

How do I contact an official Spotify support rep then!?

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