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Collection won't load artist division when offline

Collection won't load artist division when offline

On my iPod with iOS 5.0.1, running the newest version of Spotify, I was happy to find that there is now a collection tab that allows for artist/album/entire collection sorting! It was honestly a joyous day.

I only use my iPod for music in the car, so it obviously cannot be connected to the Internet. While driving, I found that my artist pages would load just fine with all of the music I had downloaded for a short while, but the second I exited the app, it crashed, or I left the artist page and tried to go back, the thumbnail pictures would go blank and tapping an artist would only yield a blank white page. The album page and the playlists work just fine, but artists would cause it to go blank, save for the button to allow me to go back to collection.

I also find that if I connect to wifi anywhere and go to online mode, it will keep the artist division functional but only for a little while. Eventually, usually the next time I go to swap a track, it will go back to being blank.

This is frustrating only because it was quite the tease. I have waited almost a year for this type of organization, and now it is on-and-off. I will make due with my discography playlists again, but I hope that this problem gets fixed.
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I always thought artist pages were available online only, at least this is the case on Android. It throws an error when trying to access an artist page offline.



Liam, thanks for the reply.

It would seem that the "artist page" you get to when searching through the browse tab is something you have to be connected for.

The page I am trying to reach is more specifically found by doing the following:
Collection (side tab)->Artist (top center)->Pick an Artist

When I do this while connected, it yields a list of albums I have synced and *only* those albums, and an option to view all songs by the artist, or "more". More loads the different artist page found by searching normally.

The only reason I think this is a problem, and solvable, is that this area loads fine when it isn't actually connected to the Internet but thinks it is, and the album sorting works fine no matter what.

Good to hear that Collection is actually starting to roll out!  This is my most anticipated feature, too.  Is it just pulling what you have in playlists/starred into the Collection or is there an option to add to Collection?  Either way can't wait to see this.


But at the same time sorry to hear it is a little buggy right now for you.


I did not know that this was an at-random feature! I give it even more slack than I have, in that case.

The collection tab takes any music you have starred or on a playlist and includes it with the proper organization. I could not find a way to sync things from collection, so I just synced a master playlist and it worked fine. Alternatively, if you dont have a multitude of playlists that it will draw from, you can press "add to collection" and it will show there, similar to putting it in a playlist or queue.

There is only one organizational error and it is a doozy. If you have a track that features an artists, it will be placed in the primary artists' page. So if I go through the Damien Rice page, it will include some tracks in the "appears on:" area that, when added to collection, end up in a completely different artist and only there. So this mode of organization would make it impossible to play anything feat. The-Artist-You're-Compiling without making a custom playlist including the music.

Thanks for the info!  I can't wait to get this, as I have always wanted to add albums to a "Collection" vs making a playlist for everything.  Really appreciate your detailed description.  As it rolls out to more and more I'm sure they'll make it better.


The one that that is good about their new dynamic interface (web elements) is that they can change/fix/adapt the new features much quicker than ever before.

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