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Unable to search

Oh my Iphone (4s) the search will not load.  I am connected to wifi, offline mode if off (have tried it even with it on).  Have no idea how to fix this it just keeps loading and loading.  Anyone have a fix?

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Hey there!


This is related to server problems at Spotify.


Staff is working to restore service.

Ohh, was unaware of this thank you!

Thank you so much, was DYING to hear a song just now & having just gotten my mitts on an S4 myself, it's good to hear it's a known issue, thanks. Hopefully the update will come soon-mine just has no drop down, just an X. Frustrating.
And Premium Forever here as well! TA

I have the same problem here. The search function on my iPhone app just freezes, is this a known server issue or just me?

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