Connectivity issues

Connectivity issues



So got the premium spotify account so I could stream from my iphone 3gs.... worked fine for a week or so and now i cant connect to spotify on my phone. Phone is connected to the same wireless as my computer but all i see at the top of my phone when on the spotify app is "connecting" this is a massive pain because it means i can't search/stream on my iphone which is what i thought i paid for. Im also guessing if the phone app has issues connecting I won't be able to sync my "available offline" playlists. If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated.

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You might want to try shutting the app down by doing the following -

* While in the application, hold down the Power Button until the "Slide to Power Off" icon appears.
* Hold down the Home button until the application shuts down.

Then try opening the application again. Hopefully, this should connect now.
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