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Crash on iOS 8 - still!!!!


Crash on iOS 8 - still!!!!

Spotify on my iPhone 5S still crashes on startup!!
I've got iOS 8.0.2 and Spotify 1.8.0 (updated Oct. 3rd, newest available version in Norway) 

I've tried to uninstall and reinstall Spotify on my phone.

I have a premium account, and haven't been able to use it since iOS 8 came - extremely frustrating.

Hope to get help soon!!!! Miss my music 🙂






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Have been using free version of Spotify on my iPhone 5S with no problem ...until last week when I was then asked to log in on launch. Tried to do so but keep getting failed / incorrect etc etc. Have checked log in details - correct. Have tried 'forgotten password' routine but box to enter username email is dead so cannot do so. When I launched Spotify on my iPad (also IOS9.3.2) last eek = no problem; however, on trying this evening exactly the same problem now occurs. My daughter's iPhone 5S, with same software version, on my same home network sitting next to me launches fine with no requirement to sign in or anything!!!


2 problems then:


Firstly, why is this access suddenly changed?

Secondly, why is the username box dead thus preventing any log in or retrieval of password?


...and why should it work on another iPhone with same software version but not on mine.


I have the same problem as @mrchrisroden. How can I fix this?

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I thought it very odd but for some reason this worked for me.  I did this and it finally excepted my user name and password. Before it was saying I alrerady had an account under this username when I just tried to log in.  It was like catch 22. 

Try this : Go into setting-General-Language&Region. Make sure it says Sweden ( or whatever your region is) . If it's already on Sweden, move it to a different country and then change it back to your country.


Had this problem with my new Iphone 7 plus....whoever came up with this solution is a genius becuase I would have never gotten that in a million years.

My daughter has a new iPod touch with IOS 11.2.5 , I’ve tried all suggestions remove, reinstall, checked the regions and it still won’t open 

Thank you so much. It works now!

I'm having the same problem here, I can open up the app in flightmode but whenever I try to go online the app crashes and won't let me do anything, I have Spotify Premium, please help!

Seems to effect most iPhones. Not sure what happened with Spotify, but your suggestion worked. Thank You!!

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