Dislike button and lock screen controls to like/dislike gone


Dislike button and lock screen controls to like/dislike gone


I have a habbit of going through my release radar and discover weekly while I'm working out on a treadmill. Something really cool I discovered was that if I played one of those playlists, if I pressed where the previous track button is on the lock screen, I'd get a popup with a "Like" and "Dislike" option, while going to the previous track on a headset remote or with a voice command still did the appropriate thing so there wasn't a loss of functionality. Now, not only is this feature gone and previous track just goes back a track, but even on the now playing screen the dislike button is gone completely. I googled for this issue and I found that someone else had it on Android and was told this is intentional and you're supposed to use the hide song feature?


I don't know who in the design team feels this is a superior experience, because it's really not, especially if you're in the middle of something. What previously took 2 button presses now requires me to: Wake up the phone, unlock, authenticate with touch ID which will most likely require a passcode, then on the now playing screen tap the three dots to bring up the menu and finally tap hide. Which still doesn't include the option to hide an entire artist like the dislike button did. If Siri had the ability to like or dislike songs with a voice command, or if your app supported shortcuts so that people could implement such a feature themselves, this wouldn't be so bad, but it does neither making this really frustrating to me.


Please bring back the dislike button and the extra lock screen controls!

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