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Dismissing the Maximum Number of Downloads Notification

Dismissing the Maximum Number of Downloads Notification

I understand the 3,333 song limit issue. This is not about the amount of songs allowed per device.

This is about the notification I recieve every time I open the app - "You've reached the maximum number of downloads. To download more, please remove some of your existing downloads."

There should be a way to turn off this notification as it's incredibly frustrating to have to dismiss it every time I open the app.

Screenshot is attached.

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Hey @phredrixxx, have you checked your Spotify account settings > Offline devices and tried removing any unneeded devices from that list? You may find some devices are registering multiple times for an unknown reason.

@swanny I have no doubt I have the maximum amount of songs on my iPhone. I'm fine with that part.

My issue is having to dismiss that notification every time I open the app.


Ah, apologies I misread the error you were getting. Definitely agree that would be a good idea. As it's a feature request though, my suggestion will be to log it as an idea over on the Ideas section of the Community.

Let us know if there's anything else we can help with in the mean time!

Alright, thanks.

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