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Do local tracks take up disk space?

Do local tracks take up disk space?

I have over 4,000 local songs synced to Spotify desktop, and now I am syncing them to my iPod. Will this take up my disk space on my ipod? 

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Of course they will.  


Syncing local files through Spotify works the same way as, say, iTunes does.  It's merely a portal, through which you pass files from your computer to your device.


The only way songs in spotify won't take up space on your mobile device is if you DO NOT have Offline mode enabled on your playlists and you stream only.  There is no way to sync local files to a device and not have them take up space (that I know of, anyway).


Spotify on your desktop still takes up a small portion, whether you have offline enabled or not, to cache songs.  You can adjust the cache size in your preferences.

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