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Does syncing iTunes with Spotify change my songs in my iTunes library?

Does syncing iTunes with Spotify change my songs in my iTunes library?

Hello there,

Sorry if this sounds a little bit odd, but I have a question regarding music being synced from iTunes to Spotify.

I have a fairly large library, about 1700 songs. All of which are lossless (ALAC), this is mainly for back up reasons. It also has alternate masterings and mixes of albums.

The other day, I plugged my iPhone into my Mac computer, both with Spotify open. Though I have no music on my iPhone, since I keep it all on iTunes for archiving, it scanned all of my iTunes music.

I pressed the button to retrieve local files, but I ended it before it could finish the process. You see, I put the files I wanted synced on my iPhone, thinking it would only retrieve it from that source.

Before the story gets too confusing, I'll get to my main questions:

Have any of the files in my iTunes library been downsampled from lossless to lossy?

Finally, have any of the alternate mixes and masterings I have in my library been matched and replaced by files in the Spotify library? For example, if I had 2012 remaster in my iTunes library, would that have been replaced by a 1999 remaster Spotify might have in their library?

Or is everything just copied over when it's synced?

Again, sorry if this sounds a little nutty. I'm a little OCD about these files, as again, they are mostly for archiving purposes (aside from the ones I intended to sync, which were just songs that were unavailable on Spotify.) I really should've backed them up.

Thanks in advance.
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To clarify, I wanted to scan the files on my iPhone to sync. Instead, it for some reason scanned the files in my iTunes library and tried to sync them instead. Sorry for the confusion, it's very late and I'm not completely with it right now, ha ha.

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